Friday, June 25, 2010

Oxenhope... curlew eclipse! 25-06-2010

Starlings.... (c) 2010

More Starlings.... (c) 2010

A Wonderful Sunset!... (c) 2010

Curlews "edge of dark" over Whernside > W... (c) 2010

Curlews "edge of dark" over Ingleborough > W... (c) 2010

Pre Departure Curlew Roost... 13#81... time exposure... (c) 2010

Pre Departure Curlew Roost... 9#81... time exposure... (c) 2010

A Curlew Moon!!... (c) 2010

CALM, 22degC, 65km, 7/8 reducing after sunset, QNH 1018 falling 1017
1930 - 2305hr

Another fantastic evening with Curlews eclipsing everything... a good early evening move with 21 straight through west during the evening but in addition a good arrival throughout forming what I thought was going to be a roost strung out along the waters edge and totaling a massive 81!! Again the strident migratory calls were very much in evidence in total difference to those still agitated with young on the in-byes and moor. After sunset they settled a bit but as the big yellow moon began to rise they got noisier and noisier a wonderful experience across the water in the total silence of the moor.... suddenly at 2243hr they lifted off en-mass, gaining height in a terriffic din and all away high west above the moor leaving not a single Curlew... so far as I could hear... on the shore. A new experience for me!
Moving birds:
LBB Gull 143 > NW and N
BH Gull 31 > ditto
Starling 436 > E
Qystercatcher 1 > W
Curlew 102 > W
Lapwing 6 > W
Swift 278 > NW
Redshank 1 > W