Sunday, June 11, 2006

Watchpoint 11-06-2006

Members Only Watchpoint 11-06-2006
Sunday 11th June 2006
0640 – 1000hr.
Weather and Sky:
A hot and sultry early morning with a weak unproductive rain front on its way out to the east. Then very hot and sunny. Wind: S F1 rising F3 then becoming SW F3. Temperature: +15degC at 0515hr becoming 24 by 1000hr. Visibility: 10000m haze. Cloud: low cumulus and stratocumulus initially becoming 1ok o/h by 0900hr. Pressure: 1018hPa rising 1019hpa.

As expected a magical early part of the morning with masses of Swifts (2060 seen total) streaming south at all levels and mainly out to the east of us behind the departing dry front, (heavy rain some areas) possibly relocating after its passage? Or more likely a genuine "weather move" tracking the south western sector of the deep depression currently centred NW of Ireland in the Atlantic – as known avoidance tactic. Causeway Foot col much in use. This Swift move stopped suddenly in conjunction with the breaking skies and emergence of the sun. LBBG’s also on the move with lots of activity to between W – NW and N. Same for the Starlings but still mostly going north.

Moving Birds :
Swift 2060 min > S
Starling 870 > N
LBBG 105 > W – NW – N
Lapwing 4 > W
Rook 11 > S
Bombus – lots > SW in same conditions!

Some Other:
Cuckoo 2
Redpoll 3
Dunlin 3

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Sultry skies and masses of Swifts south this morning (c) 2006 Posted by Picasa