Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Watchpoint 29-03-2005

Members only watchpoint 29-03-2005
Tuesday 29th March 2005
1230hr - 1430hr
Weather and Sky:
An improving day. No fog this morning but calm /very light easterly. 1230hr conditions: Wind E F2. Temp: 7 dp 4. Visibility: 25km NNW max (Flasby Fells), 19km E max (Pudsey). Cloud: stratocumulus 6ok, hazy sunshine at times, Pressure: static 1013.

No morning visit today and no indicators of any larger, morning pipit movements today at all. Met PC later in afternoon, who advised no apparent passerine movements this morning at Fly Flatts, so hopefully I diddnt miss much. However just after arrival a single and then three Sand Martins were seen hawking both low and high over the water (first this year, but they soon moved on unseen) and a total of four Wheatears (new arrivals) were seen on the various broken walls. A few Lesser BB Gulls were moving NW. Interesting that a Redshank was in the almost calm water swimming and turning Phalarope fashion, catching profuse numbers of small insects present – a big hatch! It would wade in from the edge, all the time stabbing, darting and catching and then launch out to venture at times about 4m out max from the edge.

Moving Birds:
Sand Martin 4 > left unseen

Wheatear 4 (new arrivals)

Otherwise pretty quiet.