Saturday, October 13, 2007

Paul Clough from the South

Paul Clough...... looking North (c) 2007
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Denholme Clough from the North East

Denholme Clough Watchpoint from the NE (c) 2007
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Oxenhope Watchpoint from the North

A Pipits Eye View of Oxenhope Watchpoint (c) 2007
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Oxenhope Watchpoint from the East

A Skylarks Eye View of Oxenhope Watchpoint (c) 2007
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South Bradford 13-10-2007

Shaun Radcliffe, Bob Naylor, Chris King
7am - 10am. Overcast. Early light drizzle, brightening up later. Wind from SW Force 1 - 2. Visibility 300m improving to 1km later.
Moving Birds:
Mistle Thrush 1S + 5N
Common Gull 1E + 1SW
Black-headed Gull 28 All directions
Carrion Crow 3SW 2E 2N
Jackdaw 3N (then probably same 3 back W)
Golden Plover - 2 Came in from N, circuited the site then headed off N/E (Probably lost in the murk!)
Meadow Pipit 2S + 2N
Snipe 1N + 6S
Jay 3E
Woodpigeon 6SW
Finch sp 4W
Thrush sp 2S
Local Birds Recorded were
Starling 20
Carrion Crow 3
Rook 2
Feral Pigeon 18
Pied Wagtail 5
Chris King

Norr Hill Wilsden 13-10-2007

1615 - 1715hr
SSW F2, 8/8,10km, Light Drizzle
A big influx of Skylark this afternoon with 26 flushed from the usual rough. On the afternoon of Thursday 11th there were only five in the general area. In view of this it would suggest that todays birds have got to be grounded migrants. Otherwise 36 Meadow Pipit flushed from the Pipit rough together with two Snipe. A flock of Curlew were heard going over but could not be located in the sky.
Grounded Birds:
Skylark 26
Meadow Pipit 36
Snipe 2
Moving Birds:
Curlew flock heard but not seen.

Oxenhope Watchpoint 13-10-2007

A Dismal Dawn at The Watchpoint (c) 2007

0720 - 1000hr (Dave Barker / Howard Creber)
SSW F1 increasing SSW F2, 12 degC increasing 13, 4km max occasional mist and drizzle, 8/8 very low, QNH 1025 steady.

Mist lifting and drizzle ceasing just as the watch started was handy! The birds took a little time to get going this morning presume due to the clearing conditions and later sunrise (well obscure today). Despite the marginal conditions it was a good morning! Chaffinch groups all heading south were the most prominent species and even overpowering Meadow Pipits today. Flocks of up to 30 (but mainly 4 to 8) were seen and the flight call was constantly "in the air". On several occasions groups were seen to penetrate in and out of the very low cloud base under which they were moving. A few Bramblings were mixend in with the Chaffinchs, evidenced by the call heard on several occasions. Mipits whilst frequent in ones and twos were relativly few and far between. The best bird of the day was a noisy Ring Ouzel, first heard in the wood and then seen protesting from the tree tops. This eventually left high to the south following a Mistle Thrush! Despite the mist, now not too deep and with a few holes to the upper sky above, calls on a couple of occasions were heard from unseen Skylarks above the cloud and obviously on the move in the clear not too far up.

Moving Birds:
Chaffinch 201 > S
Brambling 2+ > S
Meadow Pipit 107 > S
Redwing 2+ heard
Redpoll 1
Reed Bunting 4 > W
Golden Plover 3 > SW
Greenfinch 31 > S and W
alba wagtail 33 > S and SW
Ring Ouzel 1 > S
Mistle Thrush 10 > S
Snipe 3 > W
Fieldfare 3 > W
Starling 6 > S
Skylark 2 > W
Woodpigeon 5 > S
Goldfinch 3 > S
LBB Gull 110 > NW
Siskin heard


Low Cloudbase..... looking east (c) 2007