Thursday, January 01, 2009

Wilsden 01-01-2009

1000- 1200hr
Calm, -3degC rising, strong frost with ice rime, hazy, scattered snow cover, 8/8, QNH 1031 rising.

Cross, Coplowe and Lee fields.
Another day of temperatures considerably below zero (with -5 / -6 overnight) and as last month after the snow, birds are again using the above heavily grazed / occupied sheep fields, frozen but essentially clear of snow. Lapwings (271), Golden Plovers (21), Common Gulls (320), Black-headed Gulls (450), and Starlings were all well represented suggesting that the higher fields were today not acceptable to them. Eyes to the skies noted considerable gull movement this morning with several large skeins of Herring Gulls overflying high east at various times. At least three Greater Blacks were picked out in the skeins. Mipits also seem to have been on the shuffle, as last week the soft and dirty fields around Coplowe were alive, but today empty with all long gone...... might have another walk down there this afternoon to see how the pre-roost corvid congregation is doing.... if its still active, a local birding spectacle not to be missed!

Happy New Year to all readers and contributors.