Sunday, June 19, 2005

Watchpoint 19-06-2005

Members only watchpoint 19-06-2005
Sunday 19th June 2005
0830 - 1130hr
Weather and Sky:
A very warm and humid morning especially after increase in cloud cover, loss of sun and increasing wind. Wind: SSE F2 @ 0650, becoming F3 by 0830 and F4 by 1130hr. Temp: 18 dp 16 @ 0650, 21 dp 18 by 0900 and 24 dp 19 by 1130. Visibility: Very hazy.10km absolute max. Cloud: cirrostratus and variable translucent altostratus and little cu mediocris, total 9ok whiteout but brilliant humid sunshine until later on when altostratus becoming more opaque. Pressure: steady fall throughout the last 24 hours with 1017 at 0650 and 1016 by 1100hr.

Very little Swift movement here this morning with a total of seven, all high and going south – west and spread out throughout the period. Starling however were more lively with a good bit of low movement but only after 0930hr when the first ones I saw started to arrive and go through. Peak direction was west with 120 birds in bits, followed closely by north-west with 92 again in bits. Interesting that the two groups seen going north-east were very high up in the sky and from this looked to be going a long way? None went south. Here is a table of directions and numbers, which may well just relate to dispersal from roost etc.

From after 0930hr
Starling 6 > SW
Starling 102 > W
Starling 92 > NW
Starling 40 > N
Starling 16 > NE
Starling feeding in in-by c400
Total 656

As these directions may well just be indicative as to where the birds here roost at this time of year, it would be interesting if someone could do a similar count elsewhere to see what they get?
Otherwise a few gulls went west as well as those congregating in the loafing party. Eighteen Curlew came in from the NE just before 1100hr and two Redshank were very much in evidence high circling and looking as if they wanted to move on NW out over the valley, not at all acting like the resident birds at this time. Several times they did this, but each time coming back to the waters edge at the south end. Possibly one of the most interesting things today were flight calls from two Skylark, unseen but passing overhead at 0930hr.

Moving Birds:
Starling > 256 various (see above)
Lapwing 18 > W and NW
Swift 7 > SW
Skylark 2 > ?
Redshank 2
Curlew 20 > W and SW
Black headed Gull 35 > W
Lesser black backed Gull 27 > W

Oystercatcher 4 present
Reed Bunting
Common Sand at least two pairs
Starling c 400


Cold Edge Dams 19-06-2005

Thanks for that Brian. Dave.
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Sunday 19/06/05 am

Cloudy but hot. Strong > SW F3. Damping late am. Vis: hazy.

Moving birds:
32 BH Gull >W
6 LBB >W
18 Lapwing >W

Teal 3
Dunlin 1
Cuckoo (1) calling from across valley
Oystercatcher 2
Common Sand (1 pair) with 1 young.