Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rombalds Moor 23-02-2008 continued

Little Skirtfull of Stones, Burley Moor (c) 2008

A wander round Rombalds Moor today again seeking out some old stone friends, 1100 - 1715hr, SW F4-5, misting rain at times. Conditions not right to see the birds but a Wren was at Horncliffe Circle, two Greylags were near Horncliffe Well, a Carrion Crow was over Bingley Moor, a pair of Stonechats were on Hawksworth Moor. Several Mallards were on Lower Lanshaw Dam and thats about it for today!! in poor conditions. No vis seen at all today.


Lanshaw Lass, Now recumbent standing boundary stone in a hollow at the east end of Lanshaw Delves (c) 2008

Lanshaw Lad, Proud and erect standing boundary stone (c) 2008

Twelve Apostles Stone Circle, Lanshaw (c) 2008

Ashlar Chair ? now recumbent, Bingley Moor. Stated to be a relic of Druidism; in shape it is like a couch or chair (certainly looks right!!). It is at the boundary of four lordships: Bingley, Burley, Morton and Ilkley. (c) 2008

Rombalds Moor 23-02-2008

Horncliffe Well, Hawksworth Moor (c) 2008

Horncliffe Stone Circle, Hawksworth Moor (c) 2008

Grubstones Circle, Burley Moor (c) 2008

Great Skirtfull of Stones, Burley Moor (c) 2008

Walter Hawksworths Moot Stone (14th cent) "Rumble's Lawe" (c) 2008
The now recumbent standing stone can be found in a hollow in the Great Skirtfull of Stones.