Monday, August 17, 2009

Thruscross... Grey Day... Grey Plover 16-08-2009

0630 - 9:30hr
WSW F3-4, 13degC, 65 reducing 20km, frequent drizzle,8/8

To plagiarise Dave's report a similar story: much promise at first light and in the first one hour of day soon with frequent drizzle setting in. Initially a good passage of Mipit up to groups of 6, that died out with the drizzle. The star was Andy seeing a grey plover flying in from the E then off N, frustratingly I could't pick it up. The first Goosander of the year passed in from E probably stopping on the water, but out of sight. Also interesting that only 7 Swallows seen passing SW and 4 bloggers.

Moving birds:
Meadow Pipit 35 > SW
Swallow 7 > W
Goosander 1 > W
Grey Plover 1 > N
Goldfinch 2W, 2N

John + Andy