Saturday, September 12, 2009

Oxenhope... contrail vis 12-09-2009

Not as much visible activity in the upper sky today with conditions against us in all but the first half hour of the morning with cirrostratus and deep ground haze becoming developed as the morning progressed... thus few photo opportunities. Interesting though that at least five Air Canadas passed south in the far distance using the same corridor during the morning.... as well as lots of other different but unphotographable stuff..... even as exciting as the real vis!!
Monarch Overhead in early light! (c) 2009

This included as a record shot through the cirrostatus... only to confirm SAS Scandinavian Airlines > W (c) 2009
Dave and Howard


Wharfedale... Swallows moving 11-09-2009

Just to confirm that on 11th September 2009, there was a steady flow of hirundines, principally Swallows, moving south through Wharfedale throughout the afternoon period - 11.30 hrs till 16.30 hrs. Birds were generally high and passing in flocks of up to circa 50. Difficult to estimate numbers, but would say around the 800 - 1000mark.



Oxenhope... doldrumic conditions set in! 12-09-2009

Sunrise this morning.... open sky overhead... broken stratus over E Yorks (c) 2009

The Moon Overhead at Sunrise!! (c) 2009

Buzzard movement today in doldrumic conditions!... montage (c) 2009

0625 - 1130hr Dave Barker, Howard Creber, Chris King.
SSW F2 @ 0630, WSW F2 by 0810, W F3 by o950, 8degC @ 0630, 65km becoming 20km haze, 1/8, QNH 1033 falling.

High pressure doldrums today with mipit numbers crashing, and with only a background presence on the move all going south. Interestingly even before sunrise there was terrific heat haze up here over the moor confirming that the ground was warm from the last couple of days of sun, thus much insect life early doors.... so quite probablely and as expected very few mipits on the move. By 0830 mipit movement had virtually stopped. However despite the doldrums, presumed "high pressure" birds were on the move with a very good move of Snipe all going west throughout the morning. A skein of Common Scoter (0818) was picked up out to the east, steaming initially high west in a long line, sometimes coalesceing then straightening again above the level of the Baildon Moor / Rombalds Moor horizon before dropping slightly and becoming lost from view as they continued west. Buzzards... quite rare from this vis post were on the move today with one south east at 0935 and another west at 1030... both were making good progress at they thermaled along... both coming almost overhead. A longer stay would no doubt have picked up more high pressure stuff but we all had to go!!

Moving Birds in order of appearance:

Meadow Pipit 176 > S
alba wagtail 11 > W and S incl 6 in one silent flock
Reed Bunting 1 > W
Chaffinch 29 > W
Goldfinch 6 > W
Starling 1 > E, 6 > W total 7
Sparrowhawk 2 > S
LBB Gull 6 > SW
Snipe 17 > W biggest group 4
Grey Wagtail 5 > W
Skylark 4 > W
Swallow 13 > S
Common Scoter 10 > W
Cormorant 1 > W
BH Gull c410 S and SW
Goosander 1 > NW
Lapwing 6 > W
Linnet 10 > W
Rook 2 > W
Buzzard 1 > SE and 1 > W total 2