Thursday, September 09, 2010

Oxenhope... crowning glory! 09-09-2010

A WINNING Formulea after Dawn.... (c) Howard Creber 2010

Howards little Friend!... at least it kept out of his vis bag today... so it won't be hopping round at home in his kitchen this time!!!.... (c) Howard Creber 2010

Out to the East after Dark.... (c) 2010

Bradford, Leeds and the flat lands beyond... after dark!... (c) 2010

Later and Later.... Greenshank skies!... Keighley and beyond (c) 2010

Airedale after Dark!!.... (c) 2010

The AfterGlow.... Common Sandpiper Skies!... (c) 2010

Oxenhope, Bradford (W Yorks, England)
Thursday 9 September 2010
Counting period: 6:30-11:30
Weather: W F2, 13degC,25km, 4/8 varying 8/8, QNH 1010 rising
Observers: Howard Creber

Moving Birds;
Grey Heron 3 -
Wryneck 1 -
Whinchat 1 -
Goosander 7 -
Great Spotted Woodpecker 1 -
Stonechat 1 -
Sparrowhawk 2 -
Skylark - 7
Mistle Thrush 3 -
Kestrel 4 -
Sand Martin 1 -
Jay 2 -
Peregrine 2 -
Swallow 127 -
Raven 2 -
Common Sandpiper 1 -
House Martin 3 -
Chaffinch - 57
Black-headed Gull 31 -
Tree Pipit 1 -
Greenfinch 4 -
Common Gull 2 -
Meadow Pipit 432 -
Linnet 1 -
Lesser Black-backed Gull 298 -
Grey Wagtail 1 -
Stock Dove 3 -
alba wagtail sp. 7 -

Totals: 1005 individuals, 28 species, 5:00 hours

Present: Woodpigeon 12, Green Woodpecker 1, Magpie 2, Jackdaw 15, Carrion Crow 5

Comments: Alto Cu lenticularis, Fog Stratus, Stratocu Stratiformis..... a winning formulea! A fantastic morning with "birdy" skies throughout - one of those where you could "smell" the action. For once, decent visibility to make up for the last three abortive attempts. Mipits on the go right from the off and still coming when I left the site, though in reducing numbers - largest parties 33 & 37. Two periods where the site was engulfed with an all pervading gloom, courtesy of low and deep stratus, when paradoxically, bird movement increased, esp Mipits and Swallows. Mips were coming in two streams the low ones west and the main stream high south.... the northern wave is here!! Then to cap it all, whilst scoping Mipits on the wavewall, what I thought to be a small woodpecker was parked on the side of the coping stones right in amongst the Mipits - this obviously drew my attention immediately and as it came into focus - well, I nearly fell away - a stonking WRYNECK !!!! . I attempted to take a record shot at circa 90 yards, but it then dropped over the wall, to the water - upon attempting to relocate the bird, it was then seen to fly over the water lolloping west into the heather. The bird was not relocated. Following this, a Whinchat momentarily landed on the wavewall 15 yards away only for it to scoot off west. So, all in all,a very, very special morning. Mipits - 432 S & W Chaffinch - 57 NW Heron - 3 SE House Martin - 3 S Swallow - 127 S Sand Martin - 1 SW Tree Pipit - 1 SE Alba Wag - 7 W GSS Woodpecker - 1 W Goosander - 7 S Linnet - 1 SE Stock Dove - 3 W Jay - 2 S Grey Wagtail - 1 W Common Sandpiper - 1SE WRYNECK - 1 W Skylark - 7 NW Stonechat - 1 W Mistle Thrush - 3 E Whinchat - 1 W Greenfinch - 4 W


Counting period: 18:00-21:30
Weather: W F2 reducing, 13degC, 65km, 1/8 increasing, QNH 1016 rising
Observers: Dave Barker

Moving Birds:
Ringed Plover 2 -
Common Gull 6 -
Golden Plover 10 -
Lesser Black-backed Gull 54 -
Curlew 4 -
Herring Gull 3 -
Greenshank 1 -
Swallow 15 -
Common Sandpiper 3 -
Meadow Pipit 249 -
Black-headed Gull 32 -

Totals: 379 individuals, 11 species, 3:30 hours

Present: Goosander 53, Lapwing 89, Curlew 10, Black-headed Gull 146, Lesser Black-backed Gull 251

Comments: Clear and open skies over last night with some broken cloud and misty spells during the morning but essentially clear through the day with rising QNH. Wind from a westerly quarter all day picking up mid day then falling off dramatically at and after dusk. A terriffic evening to continue on from this morning with by far the best evening mipit count (W and SW) of the season to date with birds still heard going over west long after sunset. a dramatic betterment over last night!! The biggest party was 23. Never actually heard mipits going over in the dark before so suspect things are picking up! After last nights success with the waders going through in the black, I thought I might try the "invismig" again as conditions were without doubt suitable again.... The silence was deafening! A distant Greenshank high west over the moor was first at just before 2100hr then as the terminator advanced west and full darkness came, first one and then another Common Sand way up straight through SW... Ringed Plover calls could be heard over the water.... had I missed them on the deck, or had they dropped in? Interesting stuff this "invismig" here in the hills... can't wait now for Redwing time, when I would imagine up here they might be hitting you in the face!!

Howard in the mornings and Dave by night!!