Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Whetstone Gate 13-08-2008

I think that the very yellow Willow Warbler seen by me today with Mipits was
a bird passing through. It was with the other birds frantically feeding
amongst the bracken on the lip of the hill.

Shaun Radcliffe

House Martins Tonight 13-08-2008

House Martin 04-08-2008 (c) 2008

House Martin 04-08-2008 (c) 2008

1830 - 2000hr Wilsden
WNW F2, 13degC, rain showers, hazy, 8/8 base 2300ft, QNH 999 rising

Clouding over from the NE in the mid afternoon with rain showers from 1815hr. Initial observations tonight found only five House Martins visible in the sky together suggesting the colony had crashed. This situation continued until c1945hr when suddenly the masses appeared again all suggesting that most of the birds, for whatever reason had been feeding further afield today. The mass return to the colony concurred aproximately with sunset time when under the low and closed skys it was beginning to get very gloomy. Otherwise a good passage of small gulls to roost going high ESE in long lines and skeins. No gulls NW tonight. Only a few Starlings ESE to roost and no Swifts at all.


House Martin 04-08-2008 (c) 2008