Monday, August 02, 2010

Glovershaw.... black redstart!... 02-08-2010

After hearing Mark's inspiring talk I visited Glovershaw area this morning, not too early as no car available until after 8.30. No migrants at Glovershaw so I moved on to Birch Close Lane and noticed about 8 Meadow Pipits all congregated on a dry stone wall. This made me venture nearer and as I did so, a Black Redstart popped up to the right of the pipits. I was unable to get too near to the bird and it soon flew across the field to the next wall were I watched it further. Eventually it moved further and out of sight. At Weecher there was a Wheatear, with another nearer Sconce Lane. The area below Weecher which I call the triangle, was loaded with Willow Warblers & Chiff-Chaffs but no other migrants were seen on my walk. This may produce at another visit.


Shaun Radcliffe

Oxenhope.... gulls gulls and more gulls! 02-08-2010

Younger and younger!! Wheatear passage... (c) 2010

The Armies Invade.... redlegs on the warpath!!.. (c) 2010
1400 - 1530hr
gulls gulls and more gulls... but little else this afternoon!
torrential downpour at 1500hr thus birds on the deck counted only
LBB Gull 298
BH Gull 630
Common Gull 2
Brian Vickers
W F4, 17degC, 50km, 8/8, QNH 1018 rising
1900 - 2000hr
Rain storm now ceased but few gulls remaining and nothing else arriving.... the most interesting feature of the evening was the almost total lack of mips moving west which seemed to have become a normal feature of the 1900 - 2000hr time slot over the past week... only a single mip was seen going west and most unusually for this time, non on the deck.... especially interesting after last evenings considerable flow.
Moving birds:
Wheatear 1
LBB Gull 126
BH Gull 30
Curlew 3
Common Gull 2
Oystercatcher 2
Mipit 1
Goosander 1
Dave, Malcolm and Francis

Oxenhope... empty decks!! 01-08-2010 continued

Empty Decks!!!... (c) Brian Vickers 2010

Wheatear.... (c) 2010

Birders 'mongst the beasts!!... (c) 2010

Grey Heron.... Empty Decks again!!... (c) 2010

"baseline" lesser juv... (c) 2010

'mongst the masses!... (c) 2010

"baseline" herring juv with lessers... (c) 2010

loafing and resting!!... (c) 2010

herring juv "loafing with the lessers"... (c) 2010
Dave and Brian