Sunday, August 03, 2008

Leeshaw 03-08-2008

Leeshaw (c) 2008

Hi David,
8 Swifts passed over Leeshaw Res at 1350 heading WNW high not stopping to feed over the res. Otherwise a few house Martins & Swallows feeding over the res.

Gulls, 50 + Bh gulls with 2 Juv Lbbgs on the shore of the res pm, with several adults passing over going west.

Brian Vickers

Wilsden 03-08-2008

The sky Tonight (c) 2008

1800 - 1900hr
W F3, 16degC, Clear, 5/8, QNH 1005 falling.

Clearing after a grey afternoon. No moving birds whatsoever..... Empty sky!


Oxenhope 03-08-2008

The Sky this Morning.... looking east (c) 2008

Meadow Pipits gathering (c) 2008

0615 - 1145hr
SW F2, 15degC, 65km, 7/8, showers after 0930hr, QNH 1007 falling.

A very lively morning with a real flavour of autumn.... A phenominal 72 Oystercatchers > west between 0555 (over Wilsden) and 0830hr was easily a site record. All were very high and many were only scoped as they passed out over Airedale. The calls drew attention to the nearer ones. Had it not been for the early vis watch many would have been missed! The largest group were in a compact 12, next a nine with many threes /fours and singles. Mainly in difference to the last two days Linnets were also on the move early on with several quite large flocks amounting to c120 going west and south west. Goldfinch and Greenfinch also went west in much, much smaller numbers. At o945hr two Crossbills initially picked up on call passed close (massive bill prominent) by also going west. These were lost from view high over Oxenhope Moor. A Redshank also passed west close overhead at 1012hr. Meadow Pipits were congregating (arrived from somewhere!) in large numbers, the first time this autumn and flocks when they moved off always went west! Willow Warblers were present, calling and singing in the wood, plantation and in the small waterside bushes one was even seen to fly north into the wood. Gulls were again on a low key with only single figures of LBB Gulls (> NW and S) and BH Gulls (> S).

Moving Birds:
Oystercatcher 72 > W
Redshank 1 > W
Crossbill 2 > W
Linnet c120 > W and SW
Goldfinch 21 > SW
Greenfinch 13 > W
Meadow Pipit 100+
Wheatear 2
Willow Warbler 6+
LBB Gull 2 > NW, 10 > S
BH Gull 2 > S
Skylark 1 > W



LBB Gulls > NW (c) 2008

Linnets > W (c) 2008

Linnets > W (c) 2008