Saturday, April 09, 2005

Wheatears 09-04-2005

Wheatears 09-04-2005
Thanks for that Brian, Dave.

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From: Brian Vickers
To: Dave Barker
Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2005 3:59 PM
Subject: vismig
Leeshaw Res: 1 Wheatear am.
Trough Lane: Nil return. am

Watchpoint 09-04-2005

Members only watchpoint 09-04-2005
Saturday 9th April 2005
0900 – 1045hr
Weather and Sky:
A deteriorating morning, both initially and later on, with cloud overdrawing, wind increasing, temperature falling (later) and driving sleet making conditions impossible. Ice on puddles thawing by 1000hr. Wind: initially W F4 @ 0700, becoming WNW F 5 gusting F6 by 0915hr and continuing to increase, WNW F6 gusting F7 by 1030hr. Temp: initially +2 dp –1 @ 0700, then +5 (4.5 @ wp) dp +1 by 0900hr and finally +7 (2.8 @ wp) dp +1 by 1030 and onset of sleet. Visibility: initially 25km max N (Flasby Fells), 39km max E (Kippax), remaining similar N but improving 64km max E (Drax, upper Humber) by 1000hr and then reducing dramatically to the west with approaching weather. Cloud: initially open sky 1ok with little contrailing but by 0945 the half of the sky to the west had overdrawn from the west (deep stratocumulus) and the eastern sky was cu humilis, with upper cirrostratus, cirrus and mid altostratus. Whole sky rapidly moving east with clear / open interface overhead @ 1015hr. Pressure: more or less static overnight but falling during the morning with 1021 at 0700 and 1020 by 1030hr.

Very little moving at all after 0900 and nothing to suggest much missed with later start. No gulls at all were seen up here this morning and the GBBG and HG seen moving west over St Ives this am suggests that things may well have been more productive lower down in the shelter of the valleys. Neither was there any significant Meadow Pipit movement. However three Swallows snook > N, over the watershed, through the col to the SE of the watchpoint @ 0939 and two Whooper Swans arrived unseen (or maybe they had been there all the time?) but were moved on low, north by disturbance after about five minutes. They dropped and were soon lost from sight and suspect owing to terrible conditions that they may well have settled at one of the other nearby waters. And that’s it for this morning.

Moving Birds:
Meadow Pipit 19 > N – NW
Stock Dove 2 > NW
Swallow 3 > N (first)
Golden Plover 1 > E
Goldfinch 2 > NE
Starling 2 > E
Skylark 1 > NW
Pied Wagtail 1 > N

Whooper Swan 2