Monday, July 20, 2009

Riddlesden 19-07-2009

Hi Dave

I had 4 Curlews fly through heading west over East Riddlesden this evening, sometime after 6pm.


Whetstone Gate 20-07-2009

Hello Dave

There were two young Whinchat at Whetstone Gate this morning. These will not have bred there as I have been checking the usual site, nor were there any adult birds seen today. Also, a build up of mipits was noticeable on the walls.

Paul - time to watch things at Glovershaw again!!



Soil Hill 19-07-2009

Mid PM

LBB Gull 144 > SW
Herring Gull 6 > SW
Swift c40
Redshank 1 at new pond
Curlew 1 at new pond
Oystercatcher 1 at new pond

Brian S

Thruscross / Stainburn 19-07-2009

Thruscross 0720-11.20 Wind F 1 SW( but sheltered) 4/8 cloud with rain at end of watch.

J Blacker A M Hanby

The highlight was a flock of a minimum of 113 Crossbills in the vicinity of the car park.

The vis mig was interesting too!

Mistle Thrush 28( 7W, 21S)

Starling 18W


Common Gull 22SW

Lapwing 56W, 19E

Sand Martin 17S

Swallow 15w

Siskin 1N

Woodpigeon 53W, 8E- a noticeable movement - as a trickle rather than the Novemeber deluge

Curlew 9W

G Heron, 2N, 1S 2 about.


Swift 33W, most just before the rain( see Stainburn below)

Always forget these -- 17W at Thrusscross


Stainburn Moor 1135-1326

Moved here as there is a hut to shelter from the rain- it was worth it bird wise too.

Swallow 29W plus c50 in area

Swift 507W

H Martin 31W

Starling 30SW

Crossbill 1 heard- probably indicative of some in nearby conifers

Common Gull 2 W


BHG 113W plus flock of c550 on nearby field- a huge influx on last week

Wood Pig 3W

John is still there now so more to follow!

With test match almost in hand!! time to return to the vis mig.
Impressive hirundine and gull movement. Noteable that wags are moving.

19/07/09 F1 SW 7/8 13:45-15:15

Alba wag 4W
White Wag 1W
Swift 47W
Swallow 120W
Common Gull 3N
Best guess Black-tailed Godwit (saw at full scope magnification the long bill, protruding legs, plumage and action) 30W in 1 flock.
Oystercatcher 1N
Woodpigeon 8W

Local reed bunting, mips, hirundine