Saturday, April 30, 2005

Wheatears 30-04-2005

Thanks, Brian.
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From: Brian Vickers
To: Dave Barker
Sent: Saturday, April 30, 2005 8:43 PM
Subject: Visible Migration
9 Wheatear at Trough Lane Pm.
1 Wheatear at Leeshaw Res
1 Wheatear at Nab Water Lane
4 Wheatear at Fly Flatts Res

Cold Edge Dams 30-04-2005

Thanks Brian, Dave
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To: Dave Barker
Sent: Saturday, April 30, 2005 6:27 PM
Subject: [vismig] Cold Edge Dams

1630 - 1730hrs
Very still, with fog to the E and N, bright to the S and W. Sun breaking through.Thought I’d better have an hour on site after hearing of the movement over Halifax way!!
28 Swallow > N
26 Lapwing > N very high
3 Ringed Plover > N
4 Wheatear

Watchpoint 30-04-2005

Members only watchpoint 30-04-2005
Saturday 30th April 2005
1400 – 1700hr (thick fog until 1523hr)
Weather and Sky:
An improving afternoon with some weak sunshine following a wet morning with rain ceasing c 1350hr but low cloud (thick fog above base c1100ft) hanging on to c1530hr. Wind: initially calm / NE F1, then very variable until c1600hr when increased SW F2, but still variable at times. Temp 11 dp 11 and rising. Visibility: 200m max initially at watchpoint above cloudbase until c1530 when improving dramatically to S ~ SW ~ W, 4000m max, but remaining c1000m to N and NW throughout. Cloud: low stratus, beginning to thin and break with briefly a period of open very milky sky, before stratus becoming established again but at a much higher base. Tremendous fog banks remaining to north throughout. Pressure: falling during am, but troughing out in pm with 1011 throughout.

Whilst driving to the watchpoint a total of five Swallows crossed the path of my car, all flying northish. This sample indicative of Swallow movement below the cloudbase. With cloudbase down above c1100ft and c200m visibility, there was nothing at all seen moving initially at, the watchpoint. However after the recently ceased rain and brightening skies a delayed "chorus" of bird song broke forth including at least eight Willow Warbler, even in the fog – a big increase from those present at last visits. A Ring Ouzel was calling and the Common Sandpipers were going mad. Only as the fog began to break could I see that at least eight were present again a very obvious temporary influx. At 1525hr just as the low cloud was breaking calls from at least two Ringed Plover were heard approaching, these passed and went on unseen north-west, sounding to be gaining height. Also in conjunction with the breaking and lifting cloud, both Swallows and a few Swifts could be seen moving strongly north and north-west in its wake. A Dunlin also went north. About ten minutes later a group of five Dunlin, crossed low over the water, assumed to have come in from the south and going straight on north, in similar manner to the Plovers. By 1546hr the upper sky was moving briskly from the SW, with surface wind at the watch point still E F1, however it was obvious that the upper flow from the SW was going to win and sure enough it did, with the steaming of the moors soon quelled. A Whinchat was noted in the plantation and the wave of Swallows continued until c1630 when slackend notably and suddenly. Tree Pipit calls were heard from the wood, mixed with the still singing Willow Warblers.

Moving Birds:
Swift 9 > N and NE
Swallow 61 > NW ~ N ~ NE
Dunlin 6 > N ish
Ringed Plover 2 > NW
Tree Pipit 1
LBB Gull 4 > NW
Linnet 15 > NW
Reed Bunting 3
BH Gull 2 > NE
Common Sandpiper 8 total (influx)

Willow Warbler 8 (influx)
Ring Ouzel calls
Whinchat 1
Mallard 1 with 14 young
Mallard 1 with 9 young