Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rombalds Moor 27-02-2008 some details

Backstone Circle from the East (c) 2008

Pancake Rock photographic detail (c) 2008

Rombalds Moor 27-02-2008 continued

Idol Rock, Green Crag Slack (c) 2008

Ilkley Moor 1130 - 1445hr W F4, 4/8 Cloud but mainly overcast over Ilkley.

Again very few birds seen. Wrens were singing from the bracken in the shelter of the Backstone Beck valley. Siskins were heard overflying, Coal Tits and several Chaffinches were in the plantation above the Cow and Calf Rocks and at least six Red Grouse were flushed from near the footpath at the edge of Burley Moor. Another Wren was in the Hangingstone Quarry basin. Once again the rocks were more interesting than the birds!!


Idol Stone, Green Crag Slack (c) 2008

Pancake Rock and Otley beyond (c) 2008

Rombalds Moor 27-02-2008

Cow and Calf Rocks (c) 2008

Haystack (c) 2008

Backstone Cup and Ring Marked Rock (c) 2008

Backstone Circle (c) 2008

Backstone Enclosure (c) 2008

EARTHQUAKE !! Wilsden 27-02-2008

Very much awakened this morning (0057 / 0058hr) by low rumbling, rattling shaking windows, furniture, even the bed jolted, swayed and rocked!! According to the News an earthquake 5.2 on the Richter scale. Epicentre in Lincolnshire. Here at Wilsden, West Yorks we are twixed the South Craven and Morley Campsall faults and close to the Aire Valley and Hewenden faults. A look at the Geological map shows there is much minor local faulting between the various rock strata. This Quake according to the News was the largest in England since 1984.