Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oxenhope 14-05-2009

1845 - 2015
E F4 reducing E F2, 10degC, 25km, 8/8 stratus, spotting with rain from 2000hr, QNH 1012 falling.

Visits to Leeshaw, Lower Laithe, Leeming and the watchpoint again..... almost totally devoid of passage birds that were apparent despite the slackening winds. The only movement in the sky was a couple of LBB Gulls going as usual NW.

At the watchpoint, HC had a few Swifts, a Wheatear and a few Dunlin this morning but all long gone now.

Moving birds:

LBB Gull 2 > NW


Black Tern - Leeshaw 14-05-2009

Hey up lads,

A superb Black Tern at Leeshaw, Oxenhope, W Yorks this morning between 10.30 hrs ( time of my arrival) till 10.45 hrs when it lifted high and went off west.


Great stuff Howard.... I knew we could rely on Leeshaw!

Worth getting all available hands out, as from reports elsewhere they are still coming through Yorkshire, filtering their way back east.