Sunday, August 12, 2007

Salter Royd overflow 12-08-2007

Cumulus Humillis over Airedale (c) 2007

Sandy Lane from the "overflow" (c) 2007

Norr Hill 12-08-2007pm

1730 - 1945hr
W F3, 2ok, 60km, warm in brilliant sun, dry.
A brilliant fresh late afternoon with rain and overcast long gone. Spurred on by this mornings warblers and Redstart a further visit taking in Salter Royd overflow seemed the thing to do. All the original Willow Warblers and Redstart had gone. The overflow (there will be a photograph on my blog) was well worthwhile with a further two Redstarts flitting about, a Tree Pipit flushed from the pool and yet more Willow Warblers. Odd Swallows were seen going west throughout and back on the Hill from the watchpoint a single and then two Swifts passed high west at about 1900hr
Swift 3 > W
Swallow 10 > W
Redstart 2
Tree Pipit 1
Willow Warbler 5

Fly Flatts 12-08-2007

12/08/2007 0730-0945hrs
Bright sunny start after overnight rain but soon clouding over with heavy rain and fog by 0915hrs. SW>3-4
All movement took place before 0800 hrs and left empty skies once the clouds came over. Amazing fall of Wheatears.

SWALLOW.............46 >SW
WHEATEAR............31 on deck

1 Tufted in eclipse
2ad Pied Wags + 4 juvs
+ usual sp.

Norr Hill 12-08-2007

A Crack in the Clouds (c) 2007

Rain!! (c) 2007

Norr Hill 12-08-2007

0830 - 1130hrs with time out between 0930 and 1030 for exceptionally heavy rain.... the walls up here arnt adequate for shelter so got absolutely saturated!!
SW F3, 5/8 to 8/8, rain as above but otherwise dry 25km
A fall of Willow Warblers in the new scrub and hedges around the hill amounted to at least 20 birds calling or seen during the first part of the watch before the rain, also a Redstart heard and then seen. Just a few Swallows (13) moving > SW before the downpour and maybe more would have been seen if it haddent have been for the Willow Warblers as I diddnt reach the summit untill after the rain. After the rain most of the Swallows had vanished leaving the sky clear dark and empty but the sun was soon out again before more showers. Apart from the warblers a poor morning.
Willow Warbler 20+
Redstart 1
Swallow c25 > SW