Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Oxenhope... wall to wall pinks! 03-03-2010

Halo and Parhelion through transucidus (c) 2010

Pinks in Abundance... all NW (c) 2010
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Pinks to the South of me and Pinks to the North (c) 2010

Following On.... (c) 2010

Yet more Pinks!!.... (c) 2010

Distant "wall to wall" Pinks... high up! (c) 2010

More out over the Ark and into Lancashire (c) 2010

Pinks over Buckstones EFG plantation top (Rombalds Moor) (c) 2010

Pinks passing The Pap of Meugher... (c) 2010

SE F3, -1degC wickedly cold!, 65km reducing, 8/8 translucidus, QNH 1022 falling.
0750 - 1035hr
Back to the realality of early spring and almost winter! With little on the move with the exception of pinks but they were prolific.... and all going NW. Six skeins were detected with the first one at 0910hr, followed swiftly by others located at various points in the sky.... some were almost overhead and a large skien vascillated over the Worth Basin but decided to continue... many were distant and the snaps are just a sample. Skylarks on the move have just evapourated with conditions obviously not to their favour but nevertheless there were still a few.... Home for an early lunch today and to thaw out! and hope its warmer tomorrow......
Moving Birds:
Carrion Crow 9 > N
BH Gull 135 > S and SE
Common Gull 61 > S and SE
LBB Gull 17 > NW and SE
Greenfinch 2 > W
Goldfinch 1 > E
Woodpigeon 12 > E
Skylark 4 > E and W
Curlew 1 > E
Linnet 2 > W
Lapwing 3 > NW
Pink footed Goose 604 > NW
Golden Plover 22 > N
Cormorant 1 > NW