Thursday, September 01, 2005

Watchpoint 01-09-2005

Members only watchpoint 01-09-2005
15.00hrs (Brian Vickers)
Curlew Sandpiper
Dunlin 8
The 12 waders arrived together at 1500 and had departed by 1530, the Sandpipers where all juvs.
Thanks for the info Brian

Members only watchpoint 01-09-2005 eve.
Thursday 1st September 2005
1830 - 2010hr (DCB, MD)
Weather and Sky:
A cool and fresh autumnal evening with almost clear sky after a warm day. Wind: WNW F 3. Temp: 12. Visibility: Leck Fell / Drax. Cloud: altostratus / cirrus 2ok. Pressure: troughing out (1006) at c0600hr then rising all day with 1017hpa @ 1845hr. Clear sky giving a clear and colourless sunset – no picture tonight.

Empty skies with fifteen Meadow Pipit west being the only birds to report (first from 1925). However none avian sightings were more interesting with a Grey Squirrel!!! seen swimming initially fast and purposefully across the reservoir – could this be visible migration? (DCB, MD). The swimming squirrel was first picked up about a third of the way across going strong. Only the squirrels head was above the water and what would have been its tail was breaking the surface, trailing behind, almost at extreme in Loch Ness monster fashion. However as it reached about two thirds across it seemed to be tiring and at one point turned back the way that it came before heading off to the far shore again. Then, going round in circles, it was apparent that the beast was struggling, at one point flipping upside down, with its legs kicking in the air and head under water. However it righted again and set off towards the far shore once more, but this time much lower in the water, with only the front part of its head, to just past its eye above the water. It was now obvious it was not going to make it as the forward movement got slower and slower, with only the snout sticking out and forward movement stopped as soon did all movement until the wind took over, drifting the body back the way it had come.
Anyone else ever seen Squirrels swimming and more successfully than this one??

Moving Birds:
Meadow Pipit 15 > W