Saturday, August 11, 2007

Queensbury Swifts 11-08-2007

2 Swifts >W tonight at 2015hrs. Nothing else other than the usual gulls and Corvids. Good count of gulls on TMR this tea time, seen from Soil Hill.

Oxenhope 11-08-2007

Nab Water Lane,  3 Wheatear,
Paul Clough, 1 Sparrowhawk, 2 Willow Warblers.
Brian Vickers.

Wilsden 11-08-2007

Haze and Overcast initially (c) 2007

Improving (c) 2007

Stratocumulus..... continuing to improve (c) 2007

Wilsden 11-08-2007

0830 - 1100hr
SW F2 rising F3, 8ok clearing 4ok, Hazy but improving.
Initially hazy and overcast but soon improving. Not so for the birds however with only 15 Swallows > SW into the wind and a single Linnet > E. One Willow Warbler in the scrub.
This evening 1800 - 2000, no Swifts and very little moving at all.

Queensbury Swifts 10/11-08-2007

No Swifts over Queensbury last night or so far today. Did Soil Hill this tea time but no sign of Swifts there. Will watch tonight. Just got text from Halifax grapevine reporting Avocet at Whiteholme reservoir.