Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Stainburn Moor, Harrogate... 07-04-2010

Stainburn Moor, Harrogate (N Yorks, England)
Wednesday 7 April 2010
Counting period: 18:00-19:30
Weather: No wind 1/8 cloud. 11C
Observers: A Hanby, W Hanby.

Moving Birds:
Linnet - 5

Totals: 5 individuals, 1 species, 1:30 hours

Present: Golden Plover 450, Dunnock 8, Blackbird 4, Song Thrush 2, Chiffchaff 1, Long-tailed Tit 2, Blue Tit 14, Chaffinch 20, Bullfinch 2

Comments: Really a walk out to establish whether there are any singing Yellowhammers along the ridge we stand on. Walked East for c2 miles- and no there aren't.

Andy Hanby

O-S-P-R-E-Y!!... wharfe valley 07-04-2010

One flying north up the Wharfe Valley at 1345hr

Howard Creber

Stainburn Moor, Harrogate....whoopers! 05/06-04-2010

Stainburn Moor, Harrogate (N Yorks, England)
Tuesday 6 April 2010
Counting period: 6:30-9:00
Weather: 8C persistent and cooling S wind F 4-6 4/8 cloud
Observers: A Hanby

Moving birds:
Cormorant - 1
Meadow Pipit - 55
Whooper Swan - 31
alba wagtail sp. - 1
Anser sp. - 5
Linnet - 9

Totals: 102 individuals, 6 species, 2:30 hours

Comments: No bird Tsunami for me, but a single flock of 31 Whoopers made it just about worthwhile- these headed along the middle of the Wharfe till in front of the Cookridge mast then shallowly veered N towards the Fewston area. The Mips were mainly going West.

Perseverance in the face of a cold wind and few birds paid off in the form of a flock of 31 Whoopers ( 0750hrs) flying W up the Wharfe and then veering more N towards the Fewston direction.

Otherwise 50 odd mips and a swallow were the supporting cast.

Stainburn Moor, Harrogate (N Yorks, England)
Monday 5 April 2010
Counting period: 6:30-7:00
Weather: Dry when I left the house wet and getting wetter once I reached the site.
Observers: Andrew Hanby

Moving Birds:

Fieldfare - 6

Totals: 6 individuals, 1 species, 0:30 hours

Comments: The run of rubbish days continues!

Counting period: 11:15-12:00
Weather: Dry and some sun.
Observers: A Hanby

Moving Birds;
Lesser Black-backed Gull - 1
Chaffinch - 1
Meadow Pipit - 12
Linnet - 1

Totals: 15 individuals, 4 species, 0:45 hours

Comments: No rain, few birds!

Andy Hanby