Sunday, August 31, 2008

Anyone Want to Try VisMig this Year ??

Anyone fancy learning about and having a dabble at counting Visible Migration at our "Members Only Reservoir" (see Mark Doveston for keys and access details, you need to be a current member of BOG). If so Howard and myself are about up there early doors Saturdays and Sundays weather permitting for the rest of the vis season. Scope, bins, possibly a deck chair and a very warm hat / coat required!!! Its not always a mega move of birds every day but if you just hit that "good" day you may well be hooked for life..... heres what we had yesterday (Saturday 30th August.... a good start to the season). Usually we pack it in about 1030hr unless it seems to be worth staying!


Oxenhope 31-08-2008

Grey Sun Today (c) 2008

Whiteout at the Watchpoint.... bins down morning! (c) 2008

0725 - 1000hr DB / HC
Calm to NW F1 to N F1, 15degC initially, 65m... Dense Fog throughout, 3/8 above fog, QNH 1011 falling.

A very disapointing morning with valleys full of still, deep and dense fog. At the watchpoint c1250ft asl we were almost but not quite at the top of the fog layer. Initially albeit briefly we were in the clear with the sun beating down. After this the fogs began to rise and although we could see the greyed out sun quite frequently we were deeply shrouded..... fogged out for the rest of the morning. On the next moor, some miles away there was some sort of all night freak out taking place with loud bass booming music coming at us in waves across the water through the unseen wilderness..... heaven when it shut down at c0900hr. Birdwise very little on the move with just a Tree Pipit > SW at 0740... whilst still in the clear, several mainly unseen groups of Swallows repeatedly and loudly contact calling on their way south through the fogs. A single group of five Meadow Pipits went strongly west fairly well on into the visit. There was very little on the blog and virtually nothing else was seen.

Moving birds:
Swallow c 20 > S in three parties
Meadow Pipit 5 > W
Tree Pipit 1 > SW


Common Sand through the FOG! (c) 2008

Chats 30-08-2008

Fly Flatts, 6 Wheatear,
Nab Watwer Lane, 1 Wheatear,
Trough Lane, 4 Stonechat.

Brian Vickers.