Saturday, September 30, 2006

Oxenhope Wheatears 30-09-2006

Wheatear 9 Trough Lane ( at least 3 birds showed characteristics of Greenland race. )
Wheatear 2 Nab Water Lane
Wheatear 1 Leeshaw Res
Stonechat 3 Nab Water Lane.


Brian two of our Wheatears at the watchpoint this morning also showed Greenland race characteristics.


Paul Clough 30-09-2006

Vismig Paul Clough

Meadow Pipits 83,
Greenfinch 75
Chaffinch 42
Redpoll 9
Swallow 25
Ring Ouzel 1
Blackcap 2
Chiffchaff 1

Brian, Rod.

Denholme Clough 30-09-2006

Howdo Folks,

Sorry for the lack of news from Denholme Clough this year. I haven't had a great deal to report and my attempts to do so from my work email have failed. Anyway, today was a good morning despite the clear skies, though not a classic it was very busy for over two and a half hours.

609 Meadow Pipits,
14 Swallow,
2 House Martin
54 Chaffinch,
3 Goldfinch
8 Redpoll,
8 Siskin,
11 Greenfinch
8 Bullfinch,
4 Reed Bunting,
15 Linnet,
4 Lapwing
6 Skylark,
11 Pied Wagtail,
11 Grey Wagtail,
41 Starling,
2 Song Thrush,
1 Mistle Thrush,
24 Wood Pigeon,
3 Jackdaw
3 Red Admiral, 1 Comma

In the bushes:plenty of Jay, 3 male Blackcap, Chiffchaff, Goldcrest's,Thought I heard the opening bars of a Willow Warbler song but it was brief and only the once so I'm not claiming it. Also heard what could have been a Tree Pipit going over but as it's late September and not August I'm reluctant to claim that as well as I only heard it at distance and once.


Caldene Fields 30-09-2006

30th of September 06 Watch from 7.00- 09.00
Weather: Mild with no wind. Low ground mist before sunrise with 20% cloud and good visibility to 2 miles.

Comments: A good mornings watch with again a steady movement of Meadow Pipits. The movement was again broad with little passage directly over the fields. There was noticeable slowing down of Mipits moving about 15 minutes after total sunrise.

Black Headed Gull > 24E
Wood Pigeon > 51E
Skylark > 1S
Meadow Pipit > 471S/S/E
Alba Wagtail > 13S – 1 W
Swallow >2S – 1N/W
Mistle Thrush 12 N/W
Starling >2W
Carrion Crow >15S/S/E
Chaffinch > 2N/W
Greenfinch > 13>W/N/W
Goldfinch >3S


Oxenhope 30-09-2006

Members Only Watchpoint 30-09-2006
Saturday 30th September 2006
0700 - 1100hr. (DCB, CK, HC, JS)
Weather and Sky:
A fair morning of almost open skies, little wind, heavy dew and considerable haze with cloud block down over western moors. SSW F2 becoming S F2, 8 increasing 12, Pudsey / Elslack Moor, cirrostratus 8ok with fog stratus to the west. 1003 rising 1005 hPa

A wonderful morning of mipits flooding through once again, Skylarks and more than a few Swallows. A three observer watch, all constantly occupied with moving birds. However Yesterdays Redstart, with better views turned out to be a Black Redstart and this was a distraction to the counting later on but not before most of the mipits had been clocked. Mipits were high and early with the biggest group only about 35, they were even going over home whilst stacking the car at 0645hr. Swallows came later with the largest party again high being over 40.

Moving birds:

Meadow Pipit 2750 > S
Swallow 124 > S
Jackdaw 30 > E
Snipe 2 > W
Greenfinch 43 > W
Goldfinch 15 > S and W
House Martin 4 > S
Chaffinch 20 > W
Alba 15 > S (note yesterdays albas going S NOT W!!!!!)
Starling 51 > S and W
Skylark 30 > SW mimimum – an exciting wave of birds!!
(10 > SW @ 0845, 3 @ 0910, 2 @ 0911, 3 @ 0916, 2 @ 0917, 5 @ 0925, 4 @ 0935, 1 @ 1016)


Wheatear 3
Black Redstart 1

I should have said that there was an exceptionally heavy dew this morning and that unlike yesterday there was no insect activity noted above and around the wave wall. See for day photos:

We also had 5 Red Admirals and a Comma (HC) through.

Also a Chiffchaff in the wood and

Woodpigeon 2 > W