Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Hi John
Glad you find it interesting! Any input like this is extremely interesting to us also. If you count visible migration you may be interested in the VisMig discussion Group:

whilst centred in the north of England, any one willing to contribute sightings / experiences or add to the discussion is very welcome.

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From: John (Leicester)
To: daveb
Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 4:25 PM
Subject: [Visible Migration] 9/07/2005 04:25:27 PM

Dave just come across your site excellent. Here in Leicester have been garden watching between 4.30pm - 6.30pm for movements of late Swifts, picking up the odd Swift, swallows and House Martins, find best viewed when there is heavy cloud cover, which obviously makes easier to see but also this appears to push the insects lower and provides food source. In this area as far as being close to home, there are not any good elevated sites, but still what I have got is quite interesting. Look forward to visiting your blog again.

Watchpoint 07-09-2005 eve

Members only watchpoint 07-09-2005
Wednesday 7th September 2005
Last light.
Weather and Sky:
Heavily overcast to west / east and relatively windy. Clear and open sky overhead. Wind: SW F4. Temp: 17. Visiblity: 40km NW / 60km E. Cloud: 5ok. Pressure: steady 1007hpa.

Too late really to catch any evening movement, with the only vis sp being two Pied Wagtails leaving > west and about twelve Swallows hawking in the lee of the wood.
The sky tonight 7th September 2005 (c) Posted by Picasa

Cold Edge Dams 07-09-2005 eve

Many thanks Brian. Dave
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From: Brian Sumner
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Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 8:07 PM
Subject: [vismig] Cold Edge Dams
07/09/05 1815-1915
Sunshine in amongst black clouds.
Wind SW > F3-4.

Meadow Pipit 22 High and > W
Swallow 15 > W
Snipe 5 > W + 6 on deck
Other... 1m Stonechat 1 f Tufted + usual.

Paul Clough 07-09-2005

Thanks for that Shaun. Dave.
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From: Shaun Radcliffe
To: daveb
Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 7:25 PM
Subject: today's vismig
Hello David/ Mark
I made it to Paul Clough this morning. Arrived at 6.15am.The clough already had calling Bullfinch (family?), Blackcap "tacking", Chiff Chaff calling. 3 Grey Wags appear to be local plus Sparrowhawk.

6.15 - 6.30 - no movement.

2 Meadow Pipit

1 Swallow plus a flock of 50 Siskin. The Siskin flew up the clough calling, reached the last few tree and turned to fly down to Leeming. Never came up again.

Wheatear on wall.Meadow Pipit 2
2 GSW flew into the tree area.

8.00-8.30 - no birds
I intend to make one mid week visit next week.