Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dutch GPS Tagged LBB Gulls

LBB Gull number 41762 now at Fairburn Ings, West Yorks.

See the SOVON link below.


Dutch GPS Tagged LBB Gulls
Hi Hans / GerardHave looked at the Google Maps again and have found one of your LBB Gulls (41762) which is currently not too far away from us here in West Yorkshire. It is was yesterday at Kirkthorp just east of Wakefield and flying at 312deg bearing...... but looks to be loafing around this area. Will keep a special eye on this one to see where it gets. If it continues WNW it will end up over us at Oxenhope / Wilsden (zoom in and you will see these places on the aerial photograph!) and that will be interesting.

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Re: Wilsden 13-07-2008
Dave and others,I see regular moving LBB gulls in England. Last year a number of LBB gulls were attached with GPS-PTT's in the Netherlands. Several of these gulls used your country as a stopover site before moving to Spain. One bird even wintered in southern England. You can follow the gulls, with nearly daily updates on:

and select the different google earth kml files of the Kleine Mantelmeeuw (LBB gull).Have fun with following also the other birds on the website.

Best regards,

Hans van Gasteren

Common Gull Influx

Common Gulls Going East (c) 2008

Wilsden 27-07-2008

1800 - 2000hr
N F2, 24degC, Haze, 1/8, QNH 1017 steady.

An almost calm and very hot day. A Quiet evening with all except Common Gulls, an obvious influx, reduced from recent evenings. All small gulls were going east and all large gulls were going north west. Two well spaced Collared Doves overflew south east..... this is unusual.

Moving Birds:
BH Gull 21 > E
Common Gull 14 > E
LBB Gull 2 > NW
Collared Dove 2 > SE


Oxenhope 27-07-2008

Mist in the Valleys with Barden Fell and Buckden Pike Beyond (c) 2008

0800 - 1200hr
Calm increasing N F1, 20degC, Haze 40km, 4/8 decreasing, QNH 1017 rising.

A taste of autumn this morning with considerable mist in the valleys. Cloud initially 7/8 was all and withdrawing to the east to become 1/8 by 1200hr with temperature of 27degC. Initially very few gulls on the move but conditions seemed to favour Lapwing, Golden Plover and Swift all of which were moving. Several flocks of Lapwing passed high SSE as did a single small group of Golden Plover. Swift were interesting in that they were moving to both the east and to the west. The time of most Swift activity was when the cloud / clear interface was overhead. A diffuse group of Skylark passed very high overhead at 1014hr with only the calls drawing attention to them. A distant Cormorant went SW. Gulls became much more active as the sky opened from the west but only a poor showing in relation to recent days. It was specifically noted that LBB Gulls were still passing mostly to the N and NW whilst BH Gulls were all moving to the south. See Pre Roost and vis reports from yesterday.

Moving birds:
LBB Gull 21 > N
BH Gull 347 > S
Common Gull 1 > S
Lapwing 167 > SE
Golden Plover 10 > SE
Swift 348 > W, 143 > E = Total 491
Swallow 3 > SE
Cormorant 1 > SW
Skylark 7 > W @ 1014hr

Lots of Linnets and several Greenfinch about but no Goldfinch yet. Several Willow Warblers were calling from the wood and plantation, an influx. Sparrowhawk and Kestrel were seen. Meadow Pipits were present in low numbers.


Lapwings > SE (c) 2008

Cirrocumulus (c) 2008