Saturday, September 08, 2007

Norr Hill 08-09-2007

Low Cloud to the North and East (c) 2007

1630 - 1730hr
W F3, 19degC, 60km, 4/8, Dry

A big influx of blogging mipits with fields on the top of and around the Hill being scattered with them and big loose flocks sometimes flying up and around in big congregations. It was not possible to get an accurate count owing to the spread but probably as many as c350 were around.

In addition there was a good passage of Swallows, still going west with 66 > W counted with the largest group of 16 before I gave up!

A single Skylark was on the Hill as were a group of 31 Goldfinch.


Oxenhope Watchpoint 08-09-2007

Flat Anticycloinc Gloom! Looking East (c) 2007

After Sunrise Far to the East (c) 2007

0720 - 1000hr (DCB, CK)
WNW F2, 10degC, 60km+, 8/8, Dry

A flat anticyclonic overcast gloomy morning with a narrow clear band of sky way out to the far east. The vast majority of all birds seen were moving west, with only about ten of the 132 mipits counted, moving south (the big south push hasent arrived here yet!). The bird of the morning was a Ring-necked Parakeet seen moving low to the west at c0810hr. Otherwise more blogging Jackdaws than might have been expected and just a few Swallows mostly moving west.

Moving Birds:
Meadow Pipit 132 > mainly W
Swallow 31 > W
Starling 3 > W
Linnet 9 > W
Woodpigeon 1 > E
Grey Wagtail 3 > W
alba wagtail 1 > W
Goldfinch 1 > W
Reed Bunting 1 > W
Ring Necked Parakeet 1 > W

Grey Squirrel on the wave wall.