Sunday, November 04, 2007

East Bierley 04-11-2007

East Bierley - vis mig watch
1400+Woodpigeons, 300+Golden Plover
Mark Doveston, Derek Parkin

Oxenhope - Meadow Pipit avs per hour


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Oxenhope - Meadow Pipit Autumn 2007

An example of what Trektellen can do with YOUR migration data!!
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Fly Flatts 04-11-2007

Fly Flatts, looking West (c) BS 2007

04/11/2007 0700-0945hrs cloudy sunshine, cool N>1 turning WNW>2

A disappointing morning given the ideal conditions. All movement was before 0800hrs. Looks to me like the end of the season in this area apart from the late dribs and drabs.

WOODPIGEON.................626 >SW
STARLING...................515 >N
REDWING.....................48 >SW
MIPIT........................8 >S

Other :- 6 Goldeneye on water.


Oxenhope Watchpoint 04-11-2007

Pre Sunrise this Morning (c) 2007

0645 - 1015hr (Dave Barker / Howard Creber / Chris King)
NW F0 increasing W F2, 1degC increasing 7, 20km (ground haze) at ground level - Airport lights just visible, 1/8 increasing 8/8 translucent cirrostratus, QNH 1030 steady.

Idealic conditions to be out but much reduced numbers of birds as compaired to yesterday!! Temperatures low enough for frost but none here at the watchpoint and lots of mist and Bonfire smoke in the valleys. Just a touch of NW air initially but soon swinging to W F1 and then W F2. The sun rose over the Lincolnshire coast horizon confirming an absence of major cloud in this direction but further north the North Sea was blanketed in deep cloud with cumuloid tops. Initially open sky here at the watchpoint but translucent cirrostratus complete with a persistent sun dog, becomming 8ok very soon. Woodpigeons were again the birds of the day with tight balls and long raggling groups of birds powereing SW. As yesterday many were at great height and distance out over the open moor to the northwest and west. Contrary to forecast, thrushes were conspicuous by their absence and the very few that were seen were going EAST, so no arrivals at all here. Starlings were initially fast and furious > north with the largest group being c300, all of the birds were low and ground hugging this morning!! The northward movement of Lapwings continued in small numbers. By 0830hrs virtually all of the movement had stopped leaving a more or less birdless last 115 minutes of the watch. A disappointing morning here!!

Moving birds:
Goldfinch 2 > S
alba wagtail 4 > S
Fieldfare 31 > E
Lapwing 57 > N
Woodpigeon 1672 > SW
Starling 731 > N
Meadow Pipit 3 > W
Redwing 1 > E
Brambling 1+ > W
Redpoll 2+ > S
Chaffinch 7 > W
Reed bunting 13 > W
Cormorant 2 > N
Bullfinch 2 > W


Cirrostratus prevails above the Watchpoint!! (c) 2007

Caldene Fields Watchpoint 04-11-2007

Caldene Fields Watchpoint, Low Moor, Bradford


4th November 07  06.45 – 9.30am

Weather:  A dry cold morning with 30% thin cloud increasing to 60% to the east around 8.00, with ground mist again to the east.  No wind direction noted. Visibility was good down to 2 mile. Temp 2c.


Comments: A brilliant morning !!!.  Following a drop in the overnight temperature Woodies were on the move south in unprecedented numbers.  The movement was on a broad front with the largest parties moving to the east of the watchpoint.  The movement started around 7.00 till 9.00 with the biggest pushes between 8.00 and 8.45.  A break down of the counts included 1 vast party of 600, 8 at 200+, 12 at 100+ and 15 at 50+.  I strongly believe that my count was a taste of the real push of Woodies and through the South Bradford area as distant parties to the east appeared as as moving blobs in the mist and were not counted.


Cormorant > 1 N

Greylag Goose 1> N

Lapwing > 3 N

Black Headed Gull >31 S

Common Gull  > 2 S

Sparrow Hawk > 1 S

Wood Pigeon > 50N/W + 5,026 > S total = 5,076 (A Watchpoint record)

Stockdove > 2S

Meadow Pipit > 1S

Alba Wagtail >  8 N/W

Blackbird > 2 S/W

Redwing > 4 N

Fieldfare > 72 W/S/W

Starling > 226 N/W

Jackdaw > 1 S

Carrion Crow > 3S + 3 N/W

Chaffinch >33 N/W + 2 S

Greenfinch > 37 W/N/W

Goldfinch > 2S + 1 N/W

Siskin > 2 S


Martyn Priestley