Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Visible Migration Yahoo Group

Just in case anyone is searching for the VisMig Visible Migration Yahoo Group address after listening to Tuesdays very excellent BBC Radio 4 World On The Move program about Swallow Migration spoken by Mark Thomas of the RSPB, here it is:

To join the Group open the web page above and click on JOIN THIS GROUP.

All Visible Migration counters are very welcome!


Current Mipit Flow Rates At Oxenhope

Here is the current Trektellen mipit average per hour chart for Oxenhope. Note that the chart is for averages over the time for the whole visit. At Oxenhope we typically have fairly long visits, c0700 to 1100hr so therefore the average over the whole visit for Meadow Pipits which typically move earlier in the day does not in any way reflect the peak actual rate which is very much more. Most of my data for autumn 2006 has yet to be entered into the database and a couple of days of c6000 mipit counts (the last really big days here) would increase the Period Maximum greatly. Here is the chart which suggests that to date things are pretty much normal here:

Current Oxenhope average per hour Meadow Pipit Chart

Why not subscribe to Trektellen, enter your data as you gather it and produce similar charts with your own data and that belonging to others. This is just one of a whole range of data representations that are available on the Trektellen site.


Oxenhope 17-09-2008

0800- 0930hr
SE F1, 9.6degC, 2.9km, Mist / Fog, QNH 1024 rising.

A very murky morning - pretty well fogged off for first half hour - only a short visit today as had domestic duties. Incident of the day - Willow Warbler seeing off two Mistle Thrushes.


Mipits - circa 70 south
Starling - 8 west
Wheatear - 1 in sand pit area
Chaffinch - 5 SE
Redpoll - 4 west
Alba - 2 NW
Great Tit - two left wood and headed off very high NW
Linnet - 12 south


Plenty of Robins in wood today and on track leading down from Jacks.
Mistle Thrush - 2 in wood
Goosander - 2 redhead on res
Canada Goose - single on res
Kestrel - 1
Usual corvid numbers.
LBB - 7 on res
BH - 12 on res
Mipits - circa 50 blogging throughout in sand pits.
Goldfinch - circa 20 ditto

NB - dead red-head Goosander in water in far NW corner of.

Other note - via Gordon Holmes - Honey Buzzard in Wharfedale late pm and two Juv Ospreys (AGG) there mid aft. Honey Buzzard into to roost seemingly - will give it a try a.m.