Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oxenhope.... birds come back! 23-01-2011

Raven o'r the Vale of Worth... montage (c) 2011

BH Gull.... (c) 2011

Goosanders at late light... (c) 2011

GBB Gull 3rd W.... straight through east.... (c) 2011

Common Gull.... (c) 2011

Grey Heron after feeding on amphibians in the in-bye pools... (c) 2011

Dread.... (c) 2011

Another dread!.... (c) 2011

A placid morning with visibility and yes some birds in the sky!

Moving birds:
GBB Gull 1 3W > E
Stock Dove 3 > W
Common Gull 56 > NE and N
BH Gull 21 > various
Raven 1 > S over Worth Vale


Woodpigeons returned into the wood!
Greenfinch 1
Grey Heron.... catching amphibians in the in-bye ponds
Carrion Crow.... 6 including one carrying a big lump of bloody meat!
Magpie 2 including one without a tail!!

Placid PM

1315-1730hr DB, CJK, BS (welcome back Bri)
Again active roosts of similar magnitude to yesterday again with many gulls going off N.

LBB Gull 1 AD, 1 1st W!! =2... first of the year for me!!
Herring Gull 1
Common Gull c1500
BH Gull c1500
Goosander 31
Goldeneye 4
Mallard 34

Goosander roost (7/31 present) a time exposure at edge of dark! (c) 2011


Oxenhope.... roosts return! 22-01-2011

AM Gloom.... (c) 2011

On the Clear with overnight ice still present!! (c) 2010

Visibility initially but soon closing down from the west.

Very few birds seen, still virtually nothing on the deck and even less in the sky!


Visibility now cleared and active roosts returned now returned... must have happened sometime last week during the open sky ideallic weather. Despite the roost remaining, many gulls were going straight through or leaving north suggesting active relocation....

BH Gull c1400
Common Gull c1600
Med Gull 1 1st W noted during final count
Mallard 35
Dunlin 2 flying around calling at dusk went off high west
Goosander 31
Fieldfare c150 to roost
Goldeneye 7