Friday, September 05, 2008

Paul Clough 2008

There is a spare two way radio available for loan to a dedicated birder, preferably BOG member willing to regularly count and record the vis as it passes out of Paul Clough, Oxenhope early mornings. Saturdays and Sundays during the season are a minimum. It can then be emailed to me and details will appear on these pages. The radio will enable you to keep in touch and compare what is "moving" as it moves with most of the Bradford vis team whilst they are also recording on their sites...... a stimulating experience!

Please post a comment if you are able to comply.


Caldene Fields Watchpoint 05-09-2008

Caldene Fields Watchpoint

5th September 2008 Watch 06.30 – 07.15

Weather: Persistent light rain with a hint of a S/E wind. 100% heavy cloud cover with visibility down to ½ a mile. Temp 10c.

Comments: An awful watch with little sign of any movements noted, abandoned early.
Black Headed Gull 27 > S/S/E.