Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oxenhope 21-06-2009

Common Sand with two young (c) 2009

1000 - 1300hr
WNW F2, very hot, 100km, 3/8, QNH 1025 rising

Very little moving at first but Lesser black backed Gulls starting to pass NW by 1100hr and continuing to increase during the late morning. The first moving Curlews of the autumn went through west. The few Canadas remaining sheperding the young were all I believe flightless and kept rolling over on their backs with legs in the air!! One of the Common Sandpiper pairs had two small chicks. During the afternoon over the moors many LBBGulls were continuing to pass NW at all levels and a count would certainly have got more than one hundred. Groups of upto ten were going through.

Moving Birds:
Lesser black backed Gull 43 > NW
Black headed Gull 6 > SW
Starling 21 > N
Curlew 4 > W
Lapwing 1 > W

Common Sand with two chicks.