Saturday, August 20, 2005

Watchpoint / Leeshaw 20-08-2005

Members only watchpoint 20-08-2005
Saturday 20th August 2005
0830 - 1040hr (SJ, PC, DCB)
Weather and Sky:
An improving morning, with cloud breaking / increasing sun and slackening wind. Wind: N F4 initially, becoming F3. Temp: initially 13 rising 14. Visibility: Penyghent / Drax. Cloud: initially stratus 8ok, becoming stratocumulus 5ok by 1030hr. Pressure: rising overnight with 1022 @ 0730, becoming 1023 by 1030hr.

Little passerine movement, with again, notably only a few Meadow Pipits, but all were on the move. Swallows were on the move with 73 going mainly W, but a few later on SE. Some of these were feeding on the wing, exploiting the abundant insect hatch airborne. See photo "Swallow Fodder". The first Wren of autumn was heard from the moor.

Moving birds:
Meadow Pipit 8 > W
Linnet 5 > W
Swallow 73 > W and SE

Lesser black backed Gull 31
Black headed Gull 50
Mallard 17
Snipe 1
Teal 3
Tufted Duck 3


Leeshaw 1530 – 1700hr
Meadow Pipit 176 > SW in groups of up to 25. Status of these birds unsure, but were certainly on the move here. Most were in procession obliquely across the valley above the dam wall A Sparrowhawk was in the area and trying to catch, but not seen successful despite potential abundant food. It may well have been the Sparrowhawk that was moving them on. See photo. A few Swallows were still going through and all overflew SW, without stopping off to feed. A single Oystercatcher went high SW.

Members only watchpoint:
1900 – 2030hr
Wind: NNE F 2. Temp: 15. Visibility: >Leck Fell / >Drax. Cloud: 1ok. Pressure :steady 1024.
Ringed Plover 3 (1juv, 2ad) arrived since afternoon. See Photo, also Snipe.
No hirundines, Swifts or Meadow Pipits seen at all. A very quiet night.


Sunset Sat 20th Aug 2005 (c) Posted by Picasa
Snipe feeding (c) Posted by Picasa
Ringed Plover 1ad, 1juv (c) Posted by Picasa
Swallow Fodder (c) Posted by Picasa
Sparrowhawk in open Country (c) Posted by Picasa

Denholme Clough 20-08-2005

Many thanks to Simon Johnson for this information and thanks also to Mark Doveston for the photograph. Dave.
Denholme Clough
Saturday 20th August 2005

0600 – 0830hr
Wind: NNW F2. Cloud: 8ok. Visibility: clear. Dry.

Moving Birds:
Tree Pipit 2 > S
Ringed Plover 1 > S
Snipe 1 > S
Curlew 1 > S
Swallow 114 > S (+c100 on wires)
House Martin 9 > N
Grey Wagtail 2 > S
Cormorant 1 > SE
Starling 35 > W
Reed Bunting 3 > W

Denholme Clough (c) Mark D. Posted by Picasa