Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Weather Forecast Widgets

Hi Brian et al
Yes there are several new Met Office weather features installed on the front page starting with the new widget down the right hand side top. The minature maps seem very useful as an instantaneous way of seeing the rain forecast etc projected from the current radar and as i have been watching it over the last few days it does seem quite acurate. Not too sure re the max temps and other stuff quoted as they seem to be focussed in on the valley bottoms and not exactly what we want... but the whole thing is better than nothing and adds a bit of life, as I say especially the updated minature maps and direct access to further info and the severe weather warning pages if these are in force.

In addition to this there are three new live Met Office "Mountain Weather" risk widgets installed at the very bottom of the front page.... scroll down to the bottom to see them. These are more the info that might be relative to our upland watchpoints but sadly there isent one yet for the South Pennines, being sandwiched between the Peak and Yorkshire Dales... so presumeably split the difference?? I have thrown the Lakes in for good measure as there are followers from up there to whome they might be useful. Scroll down to the bottom to check them out!