Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Re Wilsden Tonight 20-08-2007

Nice observation of the House Martins climbing to a high altitude. House Martins sometimes roost in trees but quite often as well high in the sky like swifts although it seems that they migrate during the day.

Jozef Leestmans
B&B Gowdenstane
Newtonmore road
Kingussie PH21 1HE


Wilsden Tonight 21-08-2007

1810 - 1910hr
NE F2/3, 13degC, Haze soon becomming Fog and Drizzle, 8/8. Light very poor.
A poor one tonight. House Martins back to normal. 10 Woodpigeon > NE and otherwise as last night. Conditions unsuitable to see!