Saturday, September 22, 2007

Queensbury Today 22-09-2007

Plenty movement in the skies on my way to work this a.m.

Casual observations only to and at work 0715- 0930hrs
MEADOW PIPIT.........170 >S loads missed
ALBA WAGTAIL..........14 >S

Report at 1500hrs of fall of Alba Wags inc 1 white at the mountain Queensbury, local birder NK.

Paul Clough 22-09-2007

Paul Clough, Oxenhope.
1 Fieldfare,
1 Redwing,
1 Ring Ouzel,
1 Sparrowhawk,
2 Chiffchaff,
10+ Blackbirds,
20+ Mistlethrush,
20 Goldfinch,
30+ Siskin,
100+ Chaffinch,
12 Great Tits,
15+ Long Tailed Tits,
Blue Tits,
Reed Buntings,
                                                                                          Brian Vickers.

Kex Gill 22-07-2007

Another 110+ mipits colour ringed today along with a small passage of skylark, 2 stonechat and a wheatear at Kex Gill.  Interestingly hardly any swallows.  One party of about 10 redpolls also flew over.
Andy Jowett

Denholme Clough 22-09-2007

For volume of migrating birds today was the best of the season so far for Denholme Clough. I spent 3.5 hours watching and writing. Though I was not overwhelmed at any point I as kept busy throughout my time.

The first column of notes took 30 minutes, the next 18 columns took 10 mins each, with the last column taking 45mins as the vismig slowed.

I had 24 species pass over that were counted as vismig with a further 11 species not counted as vismig.

Meadow Pipit 788 - SE
Swallow 746 - SE
House Martin 241 - S
Sand Martin 3 - S (1st of year)
Pied Wagtail 6 - S
Grey Wagtail 5 - S
Skylark 4 - E
Chaffinch 56 - E
Goldfinch 21 - E
Greenfinch 26 - E
Linnet 23 - SE
Siskin 22 - E
Redpoll 35 - E
Song Thrush 8 - SE (1st of year)
REDWING 2 - S (1st of year)
Mistle Thrush 6 - E
Starling 13 - SW
Jay 10 - 6 west 4 east
Mallard 4 - S
Herring Gull 1 - S
LBBGull 3 - S
NUTHATCH 1 - W (1st ever vismig)
Dunnock 1 - S
Collared Dove 1 - W

The bushes had a supporting cast of;
2 Chiffchaff, Goldcrests, Song Thrush (1st of season)
Blackbirds, Robins, Tits, Bullfinch


East Bierley 22-09-2007

Up to 200 Meadow Pipits over.
Chris King.

Oxenhope Watchpoint 22-09-2007

Pre Sunrise Sky over Trough Lane (c) 2007

Sunrise (c) 2007

Mist in Mid-Airedale (c) 2007

0700 - 1000hr (Dave Barker / Howard Creber)
W F2 swinging to S F2 by 0945, 8degC rising 16, 18km, 3/8, mist in valleys, Dry but very humid. QNH 1019hPa rising.

A cracking morning, hazy with mist in Airedale after yesterdays torrential rain.The peak slot (0745 - 0815 today) bringing almost uncountable surges of birds through at all levels was awsome. Mipits were exceedingly strong with several groups exceeding 60 passing through in long raggling masses and lines. Swallows were also strong with the largest group in excess of 150. Mipits and Swallows were all going hard south and away. Swallows were again undoubtably concentrated by a tremendous wall of fog over Calderdale with fingers of scud often extending our way but never quite reaching. The morning was noteable however for the first big influx of finches passing through, especially Greenfinches all going west with the biggest group of 53. Albas were also the strongest to date with a total of 32 going split between south and west. Two best birds of the day today, firstly a single Blue Tit high south west at 0830 and then a single September Swift high south with a group of Swallows at 0925hrs. Skylarks started to appear after 0920 with several singles and twos followed by a loose group of ten, the first double figure count this autumn. Six Jays comming from the high east had obviously had enough as the dropped into the trees at Long Causeway and were not seen again. All in all a wonderful morning.

Moving Birds:
Meadow Pipit 1517 > S
Swallow 995 > S
Siskin 26 > SE
alba wagtail 32 > S and W
Reed Bunting 3
Greenfinch 152 > W
Chaffinch 40 > W
Linnet 69 > mainly S
Starling 31 > S
Jay 6 > W
Mistle Thrush 6 > W
Magpie 1 (first for some while present briefly)
Jackdaw 35
Rook 16 > N
Snipe 1 > S
Goldfinch 65 > W
Blue Tit 1 > SW
Skylark 16 > W
Swift 1> S
Great Spotted Woodpecker 1 > W
BH Gull 156 > S
LBB Gull 21 > NW

At one time we were surrounded by sound from chacking Stonechats (at least 5) and a Wheatear was on the wave wall when packing up just before 1000hrs.


The Sky at Peak Time looking east (c) 2007

Mid Morning Sky looking WNW (c) 2007