Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wilsden 13-07-2008

LBB Gulls (including juv!) and BH Gulls going NW (c) 2008
W F2, 18degC, Clear, 4/8 cirrostratus, QNH 1015 rising.
Active skies this evening with LBB Gulls, BH Gulls and Swifts all going W and NW. The Swifts were very high and appeared to be moving on a broad front. The Gulls including a juv LBB Gull were variable mostly in singles and up to threes but several larger groups were noted.
Moving birds:
Swift 63 > W and NW
LBB Gull 51 > W and NW
BH Gull 32 > W and NW

Oxenhope 13-07-2008

Meadow Pipit carrying food (c) 2008

1030 - 1230hr

W F3, 17degC, 65km, 3/8, QNH 1014 rising.

Attention not on the vis throughout the visit but at least Swallows, LBB Gulls and BH Gulls on the move.

Moving Birds:

Swallow 21 > S

LBB Gull 6 > NW

BH Gull 31 > S