Monday, September 27, 2010

Oxenhope... in the thick! 27-09-2010

Environs of the Watchpoint.... two images (c) 2010

Oxenhope, Bradford (W Yorks, England)
Monday 27 September 2010
Counting period: 6:55-9:40
Weather: NE F2/3 10degC, 50 -100m fog stratus with c 900ft base, deep fog and drizzle, 9/8 QNH 1014 rising
Observers: Dave Barker

Moving birds:
Meadow Pipit 27 -
alba wagtail sp. 4 -

Totals: 31 individuals, 2 species, 2:45 hours

Comments: Mainly overcast throughout the night with light northerlies and QNH falling till c0430 when troughing 1013. Fog stratus down with intermittent drizzle from the early hours and persisting throughout my visit.... a good job we missed this one for the BigVis day!!! Birdwise lots to hear in the fog first thing inlcuding what sounded to be a good mipit move, several Redwing contacts, frequent alba calls and some goldies somewhere... but the only birds seen moving were a train of albas south and two groups of mips also south. A good mooch round the site produced nothing decked out so off home to get the paperwork done early!... might have another dabble if the fog does lift.

Dave (HC defected to Spurn today.... a very well planned choice! as an almighty fall...)

PAUL CLOUGH.... 27-09-2010

Fogged off at 0700, returned at 0800-0900.The Clough was devoid of birds but 7 Redwings flew up the Clough low and disappeared over the moor in the mist.

Brian Vickers

Caldene Fields, Low Moor.... 27-08-2010

Caldene Fields, Bradford (W Yorks, England)
Monday 27 September 2010
Counting period: 7:00-9:15
Weather: Dry very dull with 100% low cloud cover and a F2-3 N/N/E wind. Mild 10c and poor visibility to around 4 miles.
Observers: Martyn Priestley

Moving birds;
Mallard - 3
Swallow - 6
Starling - 11
Sparrowhawk - 1
Meadow Pipit 19 + 27
Chaffinch - 2
Black-headed Gull 22 -
Grey Wagtail - 1
Greenfinch 9 -
Common Gull 2 + 10
alba wagtail sp. 6 + 11
Goldfinch 18 + 12
Lesser Black-backed Gull - 7
Redwing - 5
Mealy Redpoll - 1
Stock Dove - 4
Mistle Thrush 1 6
Woodpigeon 23 -
Carrion Crow 2 + 2

Totals: 211 individuals, 19 species, 2:15 hours

Comments: Nothing really moving this morning and still mips have still not made up their minds with 50+ grounded birds getting up moving S only to come back again!. So very difficult to count genuine moving birds today. 5 Redwing moved to the N as did some Mistles and a slightly larger Redpoll came in low on the same flight path as the Reds showing a noticeable whitish rump and a lower pitched call than Lesser and thought to be a Common!.


Reva, Rombalds Moor.... 27-09-2010

Reva, Rombalds Moor (Bradford, England)
Monday 27 September 2010
Counting period: 8:00-10:00
Weather: Fresh NNE wind, light drizzle followed by mist & then foggy conditions
Observers: shaun radcliffe only

Totals: 0 individuals, 0 species, 2:00 hours

Comments: No movement of birds witnessed. Local flock of 20 Goldfinch with a few Greenfinch & Chaffinch in nearby bushes plus grounded Meadow Pipits of about 12. Visibility started as limited and went on to poor with the local reservoir disappearing.

Shaun Radcliffe