Saturday, June 17, 2006

Watchpoint 17-06-2006

Members Only Watchpoint 17-06-2006
Saturday 17th June 2006
0640 – 1000hr.
Weather and Sky:
Becoming very hot and sunny in conjunction with initial cloud withdrawing to the east. Wind: W F2. Temperature: 14 at 0630hr becoming 22degC. Visibility: 45km. Cloud: initially lenticular becoming alto cu and alto st then open sky. Pressure: 1019hPa steady.

A morning with little visible movement and only a handful of Starlings and Swifts in evidence.

Moving Birds:
Starling 24 > W
Swift 26 feeding
Heron 1 > N
LBBG 24 > NW

Green Hairstreak
Small Copper
Wall Brown.