Sunday, January 22, 2012

Listening Stations.....

Full of Moon.... at Dead of Night! (c) 2012

The Airedale and Wharfedale nocturnal listening stations are now up and running, as and when conditions are suitable.... I hesitate to be specific as to the Oxenhope and Chevin locations, as nocturnal possibilities are such that practicalities will intervene. This together with the location of optimum site position will be the determining factors. Nothing much so far except for a few Lapwings (not unexpected in mid Jan), some good recordings of Tawney Owls, a cat fight, wind, falling rain and lots of police sirens etc.... Beset by difficulties up to press tho, hopefully soon to be overcome with wind buffeted waterlogged mics, ponding reflectors, mains hum, freezing temps and continuous rain all in the equation!.... but.... conditions will soon improve as January slips away and hopefully allowing any audiable migrant activity overhead to be recorded.

Dave and Lester