Monday, October 22, 2007

Greylags on Leeshaw

Bye the way, this morning (Monday 22/10/07) at 08.40 hrs, when just about to set off to Manchester, Marian spotted a large flock of geese moving from Penistone Hill area towards Leeshaw - I checked them out in my bins and there were circa 40/50 Canada geese in a smaller leading group and circa 100 Greylag geese just behind. All birds went onto Leeshaw. I rang Rod Proctor & he had had these birds yesterday at Leeshaw - he had 92 Greylag and I think he said 50 to 60 Canada Geese - these Greylags may well be the geese we heard at the weekend.

Caldene Fields Watchpoint 22-10-2007

Caldene Fields Watchpoint, Low Moor


22nd   of October 07 07.15 – 09.30am

Weather: A dry dull morning with 90% low cloud.  Low ground mist to the S/E and a hint of a S wind. Visibility below average down to 1 mile. Temp 1c


Comments: A quite but interesting morning with no real Finch or Thrush movements but 2 interesting sightings were a party of 27 Carrion Crow N/W and given that sightings of passage Blackbirds are uncommon here 8 singles moving S over the period of the watch was again noteworthy.


Black Headed Gull >69 S

LBB Gull > 5 S/W

Snipe > 1 N/W

Wood Pigeon > 426 S

Meadow Pipit > 1N

Alba Wagtail >  5 N/W + 3S total 8

Blackbird > 8 S

Redwing > 16 N/W +41 /SS/W total =57

Fieldfare > 1 S/W

Starling > 195 N/W

Carrion Crow > 8 S + 29 N/W

Chaffinch > 1 S/W + 26 N/N/W total = 27

Greenfinch > 27 W/N/W


Martyn Priestley