Saturday, June 24, 2006

Watchpoint 24-06-2006

Members Only Watchpoint 24-06-2006
Saturday 24th June 2006
0720 – 0930hr.
Weather and Sky:
An almost calm overcast sultry morning with hazy vision. Wind: SW F1 – 2. Temperature: 10 increasing 13degC. Visibility: 25km. Precipitation: rain by 0915hr. Cloud: altostratus, reducing base. Pressure: 1015hPa steady.

Little movement seen with only about 25 Swifts moving east across and ahead of the rain. Starlings have vanished and a single Goosander, first, passed SW.

Moving Birds:
Swift 25 > E
Stalings 20 > N
Goosander 1 > SW