Friday, May 07, 2010

Contrail Vis..... Recent Images

Singapore Airlines.... (c) 2010

Martinair (Netherlands)... (c) 2010
Contrail photography taking a back seat for a few weeks now as skies have not in the most part been open.... but here are a few just to keep up the interest.

Oxenhope... interesting "static" 07-05-2010

Curlew past over the water... (c) 2010
NE F4, 10degC, 50km, 4/8 increasing 8/8, QNH 1015 rising
1330 - 1815hr
An improving afternoon after a damp morning but with the wind picking up just a bit too much. Swallows were the birds of the day with quite a few parties passing through but the most interesting "static" was a Grasshopper Warbler reeling from the juncus on and off all afternoon. Even at 1800hr it was still active albeit a little further away. A sit down in the car late pm and listen to the continuing election fiasco resulted in a short period of refreshing sleep... enough is enough!
Moving Birds:
Swallow 49 > N
House Martin 10 > N
Swift 17 > N
LBB Gull c50 > N
Grasshopper Warbler 1