Sunday, April 24, 2005

Swifts today

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No Swifts here yet but have just looked on trektellen again:

and more than 6000 in Netherlands today! and we get excited about just the one. These easterlies look set to hang around for a while! good or bad?


Cold Edge Dams 24-04-2005 pm

Great Stuff Brian, you can tell when it gets in the blood! I should really have been up there but with jobs, had to make do with doing a bit at home. Interesting about your low swallows. I suggest that this might have been what they were doing yesterday aft until they got to the ridge, when some launched off? With out doubt an afternoon mover here at present!

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From: Brian Sumner
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Still cool ENE > 2 but better than a.m. Blue skies and sunshine but poor visibility to the S with the haze. Thought Id have another dabble this pm spurred on by reports of a Swift at Elland Gravel Pits.

SWALLOW 68 > N all low and skimming the heather.

Hirundines,mipits etc

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Subject: Hirundines, mipits etc
Hi all
Hirundines have been moving here at home this afternoon. Have been mowing grass, garden and going to tip etc and have noticed several Swallows going northish, so must have been a lot more, if I noticed em. Earlier this afternoon I did not see House Martins as specifically looked in view of your mail but for the last hour have been sat out and doing a bit of vis from the garden and low and behold we have two House Martins back now. I would believe they have just come today. 24th April is a good date for House Martins back here.

In the last hour (up to 1800hr) I have counted 12 Swallows > N at various heights so I am sure what Tom is getting now on over the south coast will be the shape of things to come here before too long. From the garden I cant really see what might be going low so may well have missed quite a lot? Up to yesterday whilst reasonable numbers at valley waters etc hirundines have been a bit thin through the hills and from what I have seen over the last few days I would believe they are just beginning to come here in force.

This lunch time I believe there has been a Swift in the next valley south from us here so it is all beginning to happen! This afternoon here has been warm, clear sky and brilliant sunshine with the wind settling to a very light easterly. One other interesting thing is that there has been a small group (21) Fieldfare in the fields on the hillside behind our houses so it has been worthwhile sitting out and watching from the windows in all respects.

It is very interesting that in Holland they have been having very big nos of mipits going through in the last few days, I have seen this on trektellen. Yet here in central northern England we have been struggling to see a moving mipit of any kind this weekend despite winds set fair from the direction of the Netherlands and only few (from what I can see) reported from south coast – what does this suggest? I Note that there have been a good few on the west coast as well! (I say set fair - but I dont like these easterlies here at all for the morning vis!!)

Incidentally you ask about LBBG’s, they seem to have been a bit scarce here up to press and have unusually seen none this afternoon. Anyone else getting em and which way?

Wheatears 24-04-2005

I would have thought it might have been better Brian with the clear sky overnight?
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Few birds today, several singing Skylarks at Fly Flats.
1 Wheatear at Trough Lane
1 Wheatear at Leeshaw Res.

Watchpoint 24-04-2005

Members only watchpoint 24-04-2005
Sunday 24th April 2005
0745 – 1050hr
Weather and Sky:
A fair weather morning, with early frost and mainly open skies (brilliant sun throughout) but haze reducing visibility. Wind: initially N F1 @ 0615, increasing NNE F2 by 0750 and NNE F3 by 0915. Finally ENE F3 by 1040hr. Temp: white frost initially with 2 dp –0 @ 0615, increasing 4 (3degC @ wp) dp 1 by 0750, becoming 5 dp 2 by 0915 and finally 8 dp 2 by 1040hr. Visibility: 10km max NW, 19km max E and remaining similar. Cloud: initially translucent cirrostratus 9ok, by 0750 cirrocumulus and small amount of altostratus 3ok, in addition to cirrostratus 9ok, with a small amount of fractus. Remaining similar with cleared fractus and with cirrostratus reducing / cirrus increasing. No cloud blocks at all over hills. Pressure: static overnight with 1013 @ 0615, reducing 1012by 1050.

As expected a very poor morning with few passerines on the move. Linnets were the most numerous today (and max this year) with a total of at least fourteen moving between W – N. Despite the activity yesterday afternoon only three Swallows passed NNE. Interesting birds were a Bulfinch/s calling from the wood and a total of five alba (a two and three singles) going north. At 0825 a bird which will have to remain as numenius sp approached from the south, flying obliquely across the water at good height before going on north. The bird did not give its self away by calling or showing head patterns but hoocky bill, smaller / sharper profile and flight all suggested Whimbrel, but numenius sp it will remain. Whilst discussing this bird via mobile phone with BS a tern sp was noted crossing the moor and then the water at radio mast height and away at greater height to the ENE. This bird will have to remain as comic….. Not a very successful morning! More successful were a group of four Ringed Plover picked up on call crossing the water, to fly past and away gaining height to the NNW. Nocturnal stuff were a single Wheatear and Willow Warbler song from the wood. Just as Brian noted, Swallows passed my car on the way home suggesting this am that more hirundine activity at lower altitudes.

Moving Birds:
Linnet 14 > W – N
alba 5 > N
Swallow 3 > NNE
Reed Bunting calls high
Goldfinch calls high
Meadow Pipit 3 > N
Bullfinch calls
numenius sp 1 > N
commic 1 > ENE
Ringed Plover 4 > NNW

Wheatear 1
Willow Warbler song

Cold Edge Dams 24-04-2005

Thanks for the report Brian, mine will follow after lunch!
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From: Brian Sumner
To: Dave Barker
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Subject: [vismig] Cold Edge Dams

Cold > NE 2-3 with early frost. Bright sunshine and blue skies from 0845, but poor visibility to south with murky haze. Wind dropped late morning. A disappointing morning mover wise, which was expected in the NE wind. Plenty Swallows low down in the villages on the way home but none over the watch point.

Moving Birds:
GOLDFINCH 4 > W very high
REED BUNTING 2 > W very high
1 possible WHIMBREL > NE fast flying, slim shortish bill but no call.
(this bird also picked up by DCB at watchpoint).

2 Willow Warbs
1 Cormorant
1 Common Sand
1 Dunlin4 Greylag
1 Oddball white goose.