Monday, March 27, 2006

Watchpoint 25-03-2006 incl additions

Members only watchpoint 25-03-2006
Saturday 25th March 2006

I received the following text message from JS on Saturday re: two hour morning count at the above:
Meadow Pipit 108 > NW
Alba wagtail 5 > NW
Lapwing c30
Snow Bunting 3 > NW

Similar species (except SB) incl larks also moving on Sunday 26th.

Many thanks to John,

Also around the same time Howard Creber was at Fly Flatt reservoir and reported the following :

Saturday 25th March 2006 – Fly Flatts:
Marsh Harrier going North East at 09.10 hrs
circa 200 Mipits north/north west between 09.00 hrs & 10.15 hrs

Afternoon also at Fly:
Osprey north west 16.00 hrs
8 Skylarks west

Great stuff Howard......

All a product of temperature change today??