Saturday, October 08, 2011

westward ho!... 2011-10-09

Oxenhope, Bradford (W Yorks, England)
Saturday 8 October 2011
Counting period: 6:25-9:00
Weather: wind West3, cloud-cover 8/8, precipitation drizzle, visibility 400m, temperature 8 ℃, W F3, 8ok becoming 9ok fog stratus, 8degC rising, 65km becoming 300m, QNH 1020 falling 1019
Observers: Dave Barker, Howard Creber, Lester Ward

Black-headed Gull 2 -
alba wagtail sp. 8 -
Stock Dove 1 -
Starling - 1
Woodpigeon 5 -
Chaffinch 2 -
Swallow 1 -
Greenfinch 24 -
Meadow Pipit 85 -
Siskin 1 -

Totals: 130 individuals, 10 species, 2:35 hours

Comments: A good pre-sunrise with open sky in the very far east being the final sign of yesterdays transition... from 0700hr however, right on cue, increasing misting drizzle set in complete with reducing cloudbase then fog stratus. Birds still actively moving through with lots of skip contacts from the cloudbase, but for us the morning was essentially "done" before sunrise... now waiting for tomorrow! In line with the advancing season, a c change in the mipit direction to west noted today and likewise continuing with the finches. Two unseen Siskin flocks went through.

Counting period: 10:50-14:00
Weather: W F3, 9ok, 9degC, 5.5km-500m, misting rain, cloudbase c 1400ft asl, QNH 1019 falling 1018
Observers: Dave Barker, Howard Creber

Pink-footed Goose - 50
Redwing - 149
Snipe 16 -
Mistle Thrush 1 -
Lesser Black-backed Gull 12 -
Starling 2 -
Skylark 6 -
Chaffinch 2 -
Meadow Pipit 43 -
Greenfinch 3 -
alba wagtail sp. 4 -
Siskin 2 -
Wheatear 1 -
Crossbill 37 -
Song Thrush 1 -

Totals: 329 individuals, 15 species, 3:10 hours

Comments: A second visit with the first Redwings of the morning logged at 1217hr small numbers excepting a single large flock of c 90... all ploughing through the low cloudbase, often vanishing from view briefly. In addition to the arrival of Redwings, quite a productive, albeit unpleasant visit owing tho the conditions. Three unseen Crossbill flocks were heard in addition to those counted and Siskins also a couple of unseen flocks heard. Conditions closed in again shortly after lunch, a pitty really as an obvious UK arrival of Redwings today with due to poor visibility only the tip of the iceburg being apparent

Counting period: 14:30-16:00
Weather: W F3, 9ok, 9degC, 5.5km, misting rain, cloudbase c 1400ft asl, QNH 1019 falling 1018
Observers: Dave Barker

Redwing - 230

Totals: 230 individuals, 1 species, 1:30 hours

Comments: A lower watchpoint after conditions closed in higher up. Two large Redwing flocks again NW at cloudbase level.


Only a single Redwing call heard overhead.... thought there might be more tonight.

Dave etal