Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oxenhope.... first mip surge! 13-03-2011

Mipits are back... the news of the day!!... (c) 2011

Golden Plovers blending in!... (c) 2011

Golden Plovers blending in!...(c) 2011

Golden Plovers blending in!... (c) 2011

albas back on the moor!... (c) 2011

Rain sleet and snow initially reducing after 0900 and ceasing by 1000. SW F2 sky breaking.
As the rain was slackening things began to happen.... A Redshank, first of the season went high NW calling... a Cormorant went east... mipits were noted in the sky all travelling north in an increasing passage during the morning, 36 total... large groups of Starlings were moving in typical spring fashion east across the fields and in-byes... several very high Jackdaws were travelling east. Golden Plovers were still on the moor field, about 30 were seen... Curlews still everywhere. A continuing passage of Skylarks with many up and singing. A text from GH to tell of the first Wheatear of the season at Skipton together with a big influx of mipits in Wharfedale...
1330-1715 DCB, BS
Open sky, brilliant sunshine and rocketing QNH! SW F2, 65km, Warm.
Several mipits in evidence decked out... an obvious influx today and the first of the season up here. A couple of Rooks went high east. Golden Plovers gone down to 18 but appearing very settled on the moor field. Albas in evidence, all males and again the first of the season. GD still in evidence but far too early for the roost. Curlews flocking up on the in-byes this evening with a moderate group of c 20 as we were leaving. The large group was late coming in tonight with the sun still up in the sky. Another influx of assembling Lapwings to suppliment those now appearing territorial on the in-byes.