Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Norr Hill and Lee Lane 01-01-2008

Fog on the Norr (c) 2008

January Colour!! (c) 2008

1415 - 1630hr
Calm, 1000m Fog, Overcast, Occasional Drizzle, 1018 falling.

A wet and unrelenting foggy morning up here but becomming mainly dry after lunch. No Moving birds. Fields very boggy with much running surface water after a wet few days. Only three of last years Skylarks now in evidence on the Hill and no Meadow Pipits to be seen. A female Stonechat in the gorse was different but despite looking for a male only the single could be seen. The calm and deepening fog at dusk along the deserted country lanes was strangely relaxing with several large pre roost Jackdaw gatherings totalling about 2000 birds adding to the atmosphere.



Deepening Fogs at Dusk (c) 2008

Deepening Fogs at Dusk (c) 2008