Monday, August 22, 2005

Watchpoint 22-08-2005 eve

Members only watchpoint 22-08-2005 eve
Monday 22nd August 2005
1915 – 2045hr
Weather and Sky:
A deteriorating evening with some heavy rain during visit. Wind: initially NE F1, becoming W F2. Temp: 11. Visibility: >Leck Fell / Humber Bridge. Cloud: very deep and black, overhead, and extending many miles to both east and west but a thin line of clearer sky visible in both of these directions. Pressure: rising 1018.

Dramatic conditions in the hills and a good drenching, but well worth it. The only one passerine seen throughout the 90 minute watch, a single Swift charging fast > SW on the back edge of the rain and heading for the open sky. The bird was far out to the north-west and silhouetted against the more open sky!

Note in the log book – via PC that KM had a single Whimbrel over this mid afternoon and three Whimbrel in to land.

Moving Birds:
Swift 1 > SW

The Sky Tonight 22nd August 2005 (c) Posted by Picasa